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Center Speeches

Medicaid and Long-Term Care -- Steve Moses delivered this speech at the Libertarian Scholars Conference, sponsored by the Mises Institute, on September 28, 2019 in New York City. In it he recounts the development of long-term care financing policy since the early 1980s, including his personal involvement in that process. He references the Center for Long-Term Care Reform’s new policy paper, also titled Medicaid and Long-Term Care. We hope this speech will encourage you to read the full paper. Listen to Steve’s speech on SoundCloud here.

The LTC Trifecta -- In this speech, Steve Moses predicts the age wave will finally crest and crash by the 2030s when the “LTC Trifecta” arrives: (1) Social Security becomes insolvent in 2026; (2) the boomers start turning 85 in 2031; and (3) Medicare is bankrupt in 2036. Then LTC insurance rises like a Phoenix from the ashes of government failure.

The LTCI Roller Coaster -- Steve Moses addresses a large webinar audience brought together by Center-corporate-member GoldenCare to explain how the LTCI industry’s lowest lows are history, but its highest highs lie ahead. Read why and how in this transcript.

The Future of Long-Term Care Seen Through the Prism of History -- Edited transcript of a speech delivered by Center president Stephen Moses, for Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc., at the 2015 Operator Investor Conference in Dallas, Texas, on November 10, 2015

The Good News and Bad News About Long-Term Care -- Edited transcript of a speech delivered by Center president Stephen Moses to an audience of leading LTC insurance producers, distributors and carriers at a conference on January 12, 2013 sponsored by Long-Term Care Financial Partners.

The Great CLASS Debate -- Read Steve's 3-minute opening salvo in the debate between Connie Garner (AdvanceCLASS) and Rhonda Richards (AARP) on the pro-CLASS side versus John Greene (NAHU) and Steve Moses (CLTCR) on the anti-CLASS side.  Also features the dozen provocative questions Steve Moses posed to the CLASS advocates. 

The CLASS Act and the Future of Long-Term Care Financing -- Link to video recording


Can LTCi Really Work?

*** LTC: WHO SHOULD PAY? WHO DOES PAY? WHO WILL PAY? We have a standing "Google" search for any mention of the Center on the Web. Lately, my April 27, 2005 Congressional testimony keeps popping up for some reason. I reread what I said back then and something struck me: everything I described and warned about 3.5 years ago is much, much worse today. Check it out here. Then if you read today's "LTC Graduate Seminar" transcription, you'll see what I mean about the slippery slope the country's on for LTC financing. The only good news is that the worse things get, the closer we are to a solution that will supercharge the LTC insurance market. ***

Steve Moses:  Speech about long-term care financing in the United States and North Carolina.

WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENING TO LTC? (Click for an MP3 or WMA audio recording of this speech.)

Don't Mess With Texans' LTC

Testimony presented to the Small Business Roundtable on The Future of Long-Term Care and Medicaid in Hagerstown, Maryland, July 10, 2006 before Chairman Donald Manzullo (R-16-IL) and Vice Chairman Roscoe Bartlett (R-6-MD)

The Brave New World of Long-Term Care

What I Believe About Long-Term Care  (Click here for an audio recording of this speech.)


Insurance:  Private vs. Social

How to Avoid the Long-Term Care Trap

Long-Term Care's Race for Survival

The Mote in LTC's Eye

The Fall and Rise of Long-Term Care

Pigs, Pythons & Politics

Heritage Lecture: The LTC Health Care Crisis: How Can We Solve It?

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