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Thursday, February 12, 2009


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LTC Comment: The following "LTC Handout" is designed to be duplicated and handed out as a hard copy at meetings, conferences or group talks. It enables the recipient to enter a single web address (URL) and access an electronic version of the handout in which links to all the listed resources are live. You can find the online version at

We hope you will help us spread the word about the importance of responsible long-term care planning and about the Center for Long-Term Care Reform as a critical information source on that subject. Please print out our "LTC Handout" and distribute it to anyone interested in long-term care risk and cost, aging demographics, or public policy.  PDF version for print (


Dedicated to ensuring quality long-term care for all Americans

What is the Center for Long-Term Care Reform? Who is Stephen A. Moses?

Find this handout with live hyperlinks to all listed items at

The Center for Long-Term Care Reform ( is a private think tank and public policy advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring quality long-term care for all Americans.

Stephen Moses's professional bio

Sample Publications by Stephen Moses (many more at

"The Brave New World of Long-Term Care," Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy, 2007

"Aging America's Achilles' Heel: Medicaid Long-Term Care," Cato Institute, 2005

"Welfare for the Well-To-Do," Wall Street Journal, 2005 op-ed by Stephen Moses,

Sample Studies by the Center for Long-Term Care Reform (many more at

"Long-Term Care Financing in North Carolina: Good Intentions, Ambitious Efforts, Unintended Consequences," John Locke Foundation, January 2008

"Don't Mess with Texans' Long-Term Care--Fix It!," Texas Public Policy Foundation, March 2007

"The Realist's Guide to Medicaid and Long-Term Care," September 2004

Sample Speeches, Debates and Courses (much more at

Congressional testimony by Stephen Moses: April 2005 and July 2006

"What I Believe About Long-Term Care," speech by Stephen Moses

"Long-Term Care: Who Should Pay?," Stephen Moses debates Josh Wiener of the Research Triangle Institute

"Medicaid and the Long-Term Care Crisis -- Who Should Pay?," Stephen Moses debates Medicaid planner Vincent Russo

The LTC Graduate Seminar, How to Register and Testimonials

Over 800 articles on long-term care financing issues archived chronologically and by subject

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