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What is the Center for Long-Term Care Reform?  Who is Stephen A. Moses?


The Center for Long-Term Care Reform ( is a private think tank and public policy advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring quality long-term care for all Americans. Find this handout with live hyperlinks to all listed items at Click here for Stephen Moses's professional bio.


Sample Publications by Stephen Moses (many more at

How to Fix Long-Term Care (2012, seven briefing papers)

The CLASS Act and the Future of Long-Term Care Financing (2011, Society of Actuaries Monograph)

The Brave New World of Long-Term Care (2007, Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy)

Aging America's Achilles' Heel:  Medicaid Long-Term Care (2005, Cato Institute Policy Analysis)

Welfare for the Well-To-Do (2005, Wall Street Journal, op-ed by Stephen Moses)

Long-Term Care Due Diligence for Professional Financial Advisers (2001, Journal of Financial Planning)

Planning for Long-Term Care Without Public Assistance (1993, Journal of Accountancy)

The Fallacy of Impoverishment (1990, The Gerontologist)


Recent Studies by the Center for Long-Term Care Reform (many more at

How to Fix Long-Term Care Financing (2017, with the Foundation for Government Accountability)

Apply the LTC Vulnerability Index to Your State:  The New Hampshire Example (2014, prepared for the Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program)

The Index of Long-Term Care Vulnerability--A Case Study in New Jersey (2014, with the Common Sense Institute of New Jersey) The Index of Long-Term Care Vulnerability:  A Case Study in Georgia (2013, with the Georgia Public Policy Foundation) The Index of Long-Term Care Vulnerability:  A Case Study in Virginia (2013, with the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy)

Maximizing NonTax Revenue from MaineCare Estate Recoveries (2013, with the Maine Heritage Policy Center and the Maine Health Care Association)

The Maine Thing About Long-Term Care Is That Federal Rules Preclude a High-Quality, Cost-Effective Safety Net (2013, with the Maine Health Care Association)

"Near-Term Prospects for Long-Term Care Financing Reform:  Final Report to the Milbank Foundation for Rehabilitation,Ē (2012, with the Cato Institute)

Long-Term Care Financing in New York:  How to Save Money While Serving the Needy (2011, with the Empire Center for New York State Policy)

The Keystone of Long-Term Care:  More Access to Better Care at Lower Public Cost for Pennsylvanians (2011, with the Commonwealth Foundation)

Medi-Cal Long-Term Care:  Safety Net or Hammock? or more here (2011, with the Pacific Research Institute)

Doing LTC RIght (2010, with the Ocean State Policy Research Institute)

Medicaid Estate Recoveries:  National Program Inspection (1988, DHHS Office of Inspector General)


Sample Testimony, Speeches, Debates and Courses (much more at

Congressional testimony by Stephen Moses:  April 2005, July 2006 and Sept. 2011 (video @ 18 min., 45 sec.)

Long-term care: Markets or mandates? (2013, C-SPAN covered speech at American Enterprise Institute, video)

What I Believe About Long-Term Care (2006, speech to Sixth Annual Intercompany LTCi Conference)

Long-Term Care:  Who Should Pay? (2004, Moses debated RTIís Josh Wiener; Mort Kondracke moderated)

Medicaid and the Long-Term Care Crisis--Who Should Pay? (2005, Moses debated Medicaid planner Russo at Cato)

LTC Graduate Seminar Transcript, CLASS Act Webinar and CLASS Act Coverage (Gated--Inquire for Access)

Over 1,200 articles by Steve Moses on long-term care financing issues archived chronologically and by subject

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