LTC Bullet: LTCi Can Save Medicaid LTC and Vice Versa

Thursday, February 19, 2009


LTC Comment: LTC insurance helps more than the prosperous. It can save the Medicaid safety net too. How to get government support for LTCi, including tax deductibility and education, after the ***news.***

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LTC Comment: After a full year on the road promoting "LTC Consciousness" in 2008, your Center for Long-Term Care Reform is on the move again.

We've posted details on the Center's "2009 Save Medicaid LTC Campaign," including a "Regional Representatives Tool Chest," at Check it out.

Private long-term care financing, including LTC insurance, is the key to saving Medicaid as a long-term care safety net for people truly in need.

Here's the theory, why it matters, and how you can participate profitably.

Medicaid crowds out 2/3 to 90 percent of the potential market for private long-term care insurance. That fact is solidly documented and frequently referenced.

But Medicaid, especially its long-term care component, is bankrupting state governments and crimping the feds' ability to borrow.

Even with the $87 billion for states' Medicaid programs in the latest "stimulus" package, Medicaid LTC benefits will decline rapidly.

People who in the past ignored the risk and cost of long-term care, avoided the premiums for private insurance, and got Medicaid to pay for LTC without spending down significantly, won't be able to in the future.

A rude awakening is coming soon that will force many more people to pay for their own LTC. They'll spend down savings fast and then tap their home equity. Once that starts happening, medically and financially qualified consumers will rush to private long-term care insurance.

In time, private financing of long-term care will replace all but a residual government LTC safety net. More private money in the system will mean better access to higher quality care across a wider spectrum of care for everyone, including the poor.

This process and outcome is inevitable. The only remaining questions are how far Medicaid will disintegrate and how many poor people will be hurt before the system adapts.

That's where our "Save Medicaid LTC Campaign" comes in. We can help the state and federal Medicaid programs . . .

o target their scarce public resources to people truly in need,

o redirect the savings to encourage responsible LTC planning through tax incentives and education, and

o vastly improve the scope and quality of care available to people who must depend on Medicaid.

Still have doubts? Read some of the studies we've done at the federal and state levels such as . . .

* Aging America's Achilles' Heel: Medicaid Long-Term Care

* How to Save Medicaid $20 Billion Per Year AND Improve the Program in the Process

* The Realist's Guide to Medicaid and Long-Term Care

* Our many state-level studies listed and linked at

If the prospect of doing well by doing good makes sense to you, that is, saving the Medicaid safety net while marketing LTCi and vice versa, then get involved.

We're looking for "premium members," with special extra benefits, to help the Center financially and "Regional Representatives" to invest a little --not a lot-- of "sweat equity" in our "Save Medicaid LTC Campaign."

Check out our new "Membership Levels and Benefits" schedule at

Regional Reps will add personal notes and redirect op-eds, query letters, proposals, etc. written by Steve Moses, to key media, policy makers and organizations we need to reach.

Regional Reps, premium members, and corporate members will belong to our new "Spearhead Committee" of advisors. We'll meet by conference call or webinar periodically, probably monthly, to strategize and plan.

No pressure. You can do as much or as little as you like. Help us get Steve invited to speak in your city. Or not. When Steve's booked into your city, you may opt to participate in the event, organize other speaking engagements, interact with media contacts, reach out to professional organizations and potential corporate clients. Or not. Whatever works best for you.

Read "What is a Regional Representative of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform?" here:

If you're interested in getting involved or just learning more, simply reply to this email and we'll get in touch.