LTC Bullet: Host the LTC Tour: A Do-It-Yourself Guide

Friday, April 11, 2008

Little Rock, Arkansas--

(LTC Tour Mile 8775, State #10)

LTC Comment: Our LTC Tour is a big success and most of America still lies ahead! Want to join the fun, get some publicity, make new contacts, help more people? How to do it, after the ***news.***

*** MORE LTC TOUR VIDEOS: Damon has added a bunch of new videos to the LTC Tour's YouTube channel. Check 'em out at: You'll find the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care at the famous Biltmore mansion in Asheville, NC with a hopeful analogy explained. You'll see Steve Moses interview Tennessee State Representative Ferguson about his passion for good LTC public policy. Watch Steve and Center for Long-Term Care Reform Regional Representative Phyllis Shelton horsing around for the camera. Catch Steve being interviewed on the early morning TV show "ThisNThat," thanks to the PR efforts of Regional Rep Gail Lindsey and her associate Jason Hillner. These videos will give you a taste of the LTC Tour. Read on for how you can get involved directly. ***

*** CORRECTION. Yesterday's "LTC E-Alert" cited David Landwehr as the author of an article which expressly permitted republication: "You are welcome to use the free 'LTC Elerts' to educate your members." Turns out that, although there was no indication in the publication itself, the piece was actually ghost-written by Marilee Driscoll. Marilee Driscoll is a Gold Sponsor of the LTC Consciousness Tour. You can find information on her "Ghost Written Press Release" program, along with other products, at ***



LTC Comment: The purpose of our 2008 LTC Tour is to promote responsible long-term care planning and rational LTC public policy. Read all about the Tour at the top of

If you've been following the LTC Tour's progress, you know we've received wonderful media coverage (TV, radio, and print). My presentations to groups of financial advisers, LTCI producers, policy makers, and the public have received rave reviews. (See the end of this LTC Bullet for the latest examples.) Regional Representatives of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform who have already sponsored the LTC Tour in their local areas are very happy with the results.


Now, I'd like to get even more people involved in planning LTC Tour events. If you can schedule an opportunity for me to meet with a reporter, speak to a group of 25 or more people, or visit with a policy maker (state legislator, Insurance Commissioner, Medicaid Director, etc.), I (Steve Moses) will do the program at no charge. The only catch is that you must arrange a date, time and location that fits the LTC Tour's schedule. That means I pull up in the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care, do the event, and get right back on the road.


To find out where I'll be when, check the LTC Tour calendar frequently at the top of or go directly to


For example, I'm in Little Rock, AR through April 15, booked for a morning event on 4/15 but with some time available between now and then. I have some free time in Memphis, Tennessee late afternoon on April 15 and early morning on the 16th. Then I detour by air to Miami through the 19th. Some time might be free on the 17th or 18th in Miami depending on what Regional Representative George Braddock already has planned for those days. In other words, check with me at or 425-891-3640 if you have something in mind that might fit into the schedule.


As of now my days between April 20 and April 30 are wide open except for driving from Memphis, TN to Toronto, Ontario via Jackson Center, Ohio (the Airstream trailer factory.) Get out your map; plot my course; and if I'm coming through your town (or close by) let's get the LTC Tour in front of your group, your local paper, your Rotary Club, whatever! It looks like my late-April route will take me through Nashville, TN; Louisville, KY; Cincinnati, OH; Cleveland, OH; Detroit, MI and on to Toronto.


From May 5 to 9, I'm in Santa Fe, New Mexico with time available but without the Silver Bullet. From May 12 to 16, I'm in Seattle, WA for R&R, still without the Silver Bullet, but available. By May 21, I'm back in Toronto and headed toward Washington, DC. via Jackson Center, OH where I'll pick up the Silver Bullet again, after factory servicing. From there, between May 23 and 29, it looks like my path will take me through Columbus, OH; Wheeling, WV; either Pittsburgh, PA or Morgantown, WV; and points in between.


If you'd like to plan something along that itinerary, let me know at or 425-891-3640. For later dates and times, check the LTC Tour Calendar at and consult with me. If we can work your town and event in, we will. Keep in mind, however, that Regional Representatives of the Center, who have ponied up $500 of earnest money, get first call on the schedule as do all corporate sponsors of the LTC Tour.

Now, assuming you have a time and location that works, what shall we do and how do we set it up? You'll need to do most of the work, but Damon can help. Call him at 206-283-7036 or email him at


Damon has been trained in PR by an expert--author, speaker and founder, Marilee Driscoll, the LTC Tour's national consultant for public relations and marketing.

Next, consult the Regional Representatives Tool Kit at Even if you're not a full-fledged Regional Rep for the LTC Tour sponsoring a full day of events, you should find this resource helpful for many purposes.

You'll find a draft press release announcing the LTC Tour's visit. Add details on your event and send it to local newspapers, radio and TV.

How do you know whom to send the press release to? Check out "Organizations to Contact," also in the Regional Rep's Tool Kit. You'll find lists of websites to help you locate the right reporters at your local media. You'll also find lots of ideas on organizations that might be willing to host the LTC Tour for a speaking event.

Reach out to local LTC providers, especially the ones most dependent on private payers such as Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Facilities. They understand the need for private financing and they're also wonderful potential sources of prospects in need of LTC protection. Their residents' families know first hand why they need LTC insurance having just put their loved one in care.

If you have time to plan, consider sponsoring a Long-Term Care Graduate Seminar, either the two hour mini-version or the full-day program. You'll find the two-hour version described in the Regional Rep's Tool Kit and details on the full-day version at

Check out "Planning Your LTC Tour Event" in the Tool Kit for more ideas.

You'll also find my professional bio, a picture of the Silver Bullet, and the "LTC Pledge for Baby Boomers" in the Regional Representatives Tool Kit.


Now, let's say I'm not going to be in your area for awhile, but you'd like to get involved and help the LTC Tour achieve our goals. Is there anything you can do right now?

Absolutely. Help us reach potential corporate LTC Tour sponsors. Who should sponsor the LTC Tour? Any organization or company active in long-term care service delivery or financing. For example, LTC providers, LTC insurers (carriers, brokers and/or producers) and reverse mortgage lenders.

How do you know if the company you have in mind already sponsors the LTC Tour?

Major sponsors at the Platinum, Gold or Silver levels with signage on the Silver Bullet include:

-- GoldenCareUSA
-- Bankers Life and Casualty
-- OneAmerica
-- Prudential
-- MetLife
-- Marilee Driscoll's
-- The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI)
-- Penn Treaty
-- LTCI Partners
-- Long-Term Care Financial Partners


If the company you have in mind is not on that list, find out why not! Ask them to support the LTC Tour. The benefits are many including signage on the Silver Bullet, ads in our elegant Presentation Packets, and the right to schedule speaking engagements for Steve Moses at no extra charge.

The question I get asked most often after speaking engagements as I'm giving "tours" of the Silver Bullet, is "Why isn't Company X or Company Y on the Silver Bullet?" Good question. If your company isn't there, help us correct that oversight. Anyone interested can get all the details at the top of Or send them directly to the "LTC Tour Sponsor Packet," which explains all costs and benefits in detail, at

Why wouldn't any company that cares about the future of long-term care financing support the LTC Tour? Makes no sense not to . . .

Hundreds of thousands of people will see the Silver Bullet on the road. We'll reach millions through the radio, TV and newspapers. Another goal is to touch 15,000 financial advisors in person with the message that they have a moral and fiduciary responsibility to get their clients protected for LTC. (They don't have to sell LTCI, but if they don't, they do have to send their clients to someone who does.) We hope the LTC Tour will add heavily to the rolls of LTCI producers and LTC specialists all around the country.


Recent feedback from Steve's presentations:

Van Gilbert: "I am a former nursing home administrator and now a financial advisor. Your message is dead on."

Nicholas Munoz: "Great first presentation in understanding the direction of Medicare/Medicaid and LTC."

Chuck Poole: "I wish Steve Moses was at one of these Q&A sessions with Barack and Hillary."

Donna Wrabel: "Great presentation, it needs to be heard in Washington, DC, where the real denial exists."

Christi Cheramie: "Excellent information. I market LTC to all my investment clients. Everyone needs an LTC policy!!"