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Tool Kit for Regional Representatives

NEW! If you are planning an event, or just thinking about it, don't miss this! -- POSTED JUNE 2008! Tracy Russo (event sponsor) interviewed by Marilee Driscoll (Tour PR/Marketing Consultant).  Topic: what Tracy did to make her event a big success. (duration: Approx. 20 min, MP3 format)

PR material provided by Marilee Driscoll including:

  • a script for Steve Moses event

  • how to promote a local or regional event

  • deciding who to pitch

  • before or after the event?

  • newspaper(s) - 4-8 weeks Pre-event and 1-2 weeks Pre-event

  • television news

Press Release -- (Word document for print - please note: you will need to fill in the information in brackets)

LTC Graduate Seminar

Editor Sharon Chace's "Broker Words" column in Broker World magazine, December 2007

Draft Invitation

Tour Bio for Steve Moses

Tour Background Information Handout

Sponsor Packet

List of Organizations to Contact

Planning Your "LTC Tour" Events

Short Tour Bio for Steve Moses

Picture of the Silver Bullet of LTC... THE RIG

Steve's Bio Profile

The LTC Pledge for Baby Boomers

Presentation and Event Testimonials



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