LTC Bullet: Tallahassee Bound

Friday, March 7, 2008


LTC Comment: An important goal of the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour is to meet with state legislators and other public officials in state capitals all around the country. We request your assistance in making the right connections, after the ***news.***

***CLARIFICATION: People keep asking me: "Will the LTC Tour come to my town?" Fill in the blank. The answer is that the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour is coming to wherever we are invited. Check out the Tour Calendar at You'll see the Tour will be in six different regions of the continental U.S. for two months each throughout the year. If a day on the calendar still says "Open," that's what it means. We're filling days as invitations come in and arrangements are made. First come, first served. Early planners have the most flexibility. Once an event is scheduled, new event planners have to plan around it. We do our best to schedule events in some logical geographic pattern to minimize back-tracking with the Silver Bullet of LTC. Within those parameters, we go where the opportunities take us to promote responsible LTC planning and rational LTC public policy. ***

*** AIRSTREAM RANCH. Down in Amarillo, Texas there's a "sculpture" comprised of old Cadillac automobiles partially buried in a farmer's field with their tail ends pointing up at a jaunty angle. I first saw the "Cadillac ranch" on a cross-country trip decades ago. Today, there is an "Airstream Ranch" in Tampa, Florida. Check it out at . The inside story on the Airstream Ranch is that it's the brainchild of RV entrepreneur and consummate promoter Frank Bates of Bates RV in Tampa. Bates sold the "Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care" to the Center for Long-Term Care Reform. He discounted the trailer substantially as a sponsor of the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour. His salesman, Bill Weschler (888-228-3778), will donate another $500 to the LTC Tour in the name of anyone who buys an RV from him. We thank Frank Bates and Bill Weschler for supporting the LTC Tour. We encourage you to consider buying from them if you're in the market for a recreational vehicle. ***

*** THANK YOU TO READERS. Thank you all for your appreciation and positive feedback regarding the Center's response to the recent Wall Street Journal article attacking private LTCI. This is just a reminder of the kind of valuable content you would receive on a daily basis if you choose to become a Center member. Annual dues are only $150, or $12.50 per month. If you value the Center's work for rational long-term care policy reform, please support the cause. Your subscription/membership dues free us up to spend more time on substantive work and less on fundraising. Unless you are a dues-paying member of the Center, you only see a tiny fraction of our research, publishing and advocacy on behalf of responsible LTC planning. If you would like to discuss the benefits of Center membership and how it would help you, please feel free to contact us directly at 206-283-7036. Best regards from your friends at the Center for LTC Reform. ***



LTC Comment: The Center for Long-Term Care Reform and the National LTC Wake-Up Tour have been offline for a few days. I've been enjoying some R&R back home in Seattle. But in one week, the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care will be on the road again.

First stop, the Eighth Annual Intercompany LTCI Conference in Jacksonville, Florida on March 16-19, 2008. This is the big annual meeting where many of the top people in long-term care insurance convene to educate, learn, network and make deals. The Silver Bullet of LTC will be parked in front of the conference hotel with a growing number of LTC Tour sponsors represented by their logos on her sides. Most recently, MetLife, Penn Treaty and Long-Term Care Financial Partners have joined the Tour as major sponsors.

We expect many more Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors to join the Tour after the Jacksonville conference. Once they see the media attention the Silver Bullet is drawing . . . once they know they can reach tens of thousand of potential LTCI producers this year . . . once they see the elegant presentation packet in which they can advertise at every major Tour event, the rest of the LTCI industry will get on board. We also seek sponsors from among LTC providers and reverse mortgage companies. For all the details about the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour, see the top of To inquire, contact Damon at 206-283-7036 or There's only so much room for logos on the 16-foot Airstream trailer "Silver Bullet," so act now!

Next stop after the big industry conference is Tallahassee, the capital of Florida. The state legislature is in session and we seek your help to reach key state legislators, public officials and long-term care stakeholders. If you know people with influence on public policy in Florida, please encourage them to contact Steve Moses at or 425-891-3640 to arrange for meetings or speeches on Thursday, March 20, 2008. That's the day the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care will be rolling through Tallahassee on our LTC Wake Up Tour.

Following is a press release drafted by the LTC Tour's national PR and marketing consultant, Marilee Driscoll, the well-known author, speaker and founder of Use or adapt the press release to encourage the media and public officials to take advantage of the LTC Tour's day in Tallahassee.


Renowned expert on Long-term Care and Medicaid
Available for Interviews/Speeches
CONTACT: Steve Moses
TELE: 425-891-3640

Center for Long-term Care Reform President Stephen Moses has testified before the U.S. Congress, dozens of state Legislatures, and other prominent groups including the AMA and many financial industry associations. Moses' past work experience includes seminal research as a senior analyst for the Health Care Financing Administration and for the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Through frequent speeches to national audiences, hard-hitting reports, and its popular "LTC Bullets" on-line newsletter, the Center for LTC Reform quickly became the preeminent advocate for a rational and financially viable long-term care financing system.

The 2008 NATIONAL LTC CONSCIOUSNESS TOUR is a year-long, cross-country, grass-roots effort run by the Center for Long-Term Care Reform. The Center is dedicated to ensuring quality long-term care for all Americans, and knows that time is running out to fix long-term care financing policy before it's too late to help the boomer generation.

Center president Steve Moses is hitting the road in a grassroots effort to spread the message of personal responsibility and rational long-term care policy across America. Mr. Moses will emerge from his "Silver Bullet" rig to speak at events to individuals, families, advisors and policymakers alike.

His message drives home the fact that public programs, which dominate LTC funding today, have set aside nothing for the future long-term care claims of the Boomer generation. Private insurance and home equity, both logical solutions, have been ignored by Boomers and policymakers. Something has to be done, and Steve Moses is dedicating the year to spreading the word and encouraging action.

Examples of media coverage at

To interview Steve or schedule him to speak to your group please call him at 425-891-3640 or email


LTC Comment: The National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour will be in or near most state capitals sometime during the coming year. Tallahassee's next, but we'll be close to you sometime soon. Check out the "Tour Calendar" at the top of for details. Start planning now to help the LTC Tour reach the powers-that-be in your home state. For ideas on how to plan, contact media, set up key meetings, etc., see the "Regional Representatives Tool Kit" at Thanks for your support.