LTC Bullet:  What Have You Done for Me Lately? 

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 


LTC Comment:  Our annual recounting of the Center's efforts toward better long-term care financing policy and our appeal for your new or continued support follows the ***news.*** 

*** SHELTON TRAINING APPROVED.  Center for Long-Term Care Reform member and financial supporter Phyllis Shelton announced yesterday that her LTC partnership training packages have been approved in many states.  Check out the details at  For more information, contact:  Bill Pomakoy, 866-400-5224, *** 

*** POPULAR RESOURCE UPDATED.  To obtain a free copy of the newly revised "Since You Care" guide titled Hiring an Independent Caregiver, call (203) 221-6580, send an e-mail to, or download it at under 'What's New.' *** 

*** PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE MENTIONS LTC.  It's a first, but "where's the beef?"  $5 billion to make LTCi affordable AND give tax relief to caregivers, as she promises elsewhere?  Last time a bill to do those things was introduced in Congress, CBO priced it at close to $40 billion.  Oh well, at least LTC is near the stove, if not on a front burner. 

"Clinton proposes $5 billion a year quality long-term Care agenda. MSNBC. Dec 9, 2007 'Its time for a new beginning and a new approach to helping Americans grow old with dignity,' Clinton said. 'Im going to let Americans purchase the same kind of long-term health care policies that members of Congress can choose from, because members of Congress have good options and they are safe and secure policies.'" 
Source:  AHCA / NCAL Gazette - Monday, December 10, 2007 *** 

*** CLTCR'S REPLY TO CREW:  Published December 7, 2007 as an LTC E-Alert for Center members and on the LTC Blog at   

LTC Comment:  What better time than Pearl Harbor Day for us to fend off another underhanded, irresponsible, totally unfounded attack? 

This time, CREW (AKA the Committee for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington), has sent a letter to the NAIC and to the State Medicaid directors association calling Steve Moses a "shill" for the insurance industry.  The letter advises those organizations not to meet with me during the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour. 

What a hoot!  A big, richly funded, political hate group attacks little old me.  Here's the irony.  Our tiny Center squeaks by with precious little support from any source, including the insurance industry.  And, besides, our mission is not even about selling insurance!  

Rather, the Center for Long-Term Care Reform fights to save Medicaid as a long-term care safety net for the poor.  Toward that end we advocate responsible LTC planning, an important part of which is saving, investing and insuring against the LTC risk.  

That noble mission is in fact what CREW is attacking.  And here's the proof.  

ElderLawAnswers, a company of, by, and for Medicaid estate planning attorneys, has passed on CREW's silly accusations in its email newsletter.  No group does more damage to America's LTC service delivery and financing system than these Medicaid planners and their allies in the blogosphere. 

And where does their money come from to finance these attacks on the Center?  From overloading Medicaid with their affluent clients at the expense of taxpayers and the poor.  No wonder they discourage private insurance and responsible LTC planning. 

My reaction to all this?  "Nobody tries to shoot down somebody who already is," as sales trainer Tommy Hopkins likes to say. 

So bring it on!  There's no such thing as bad publicity.  When CREW and ElderLawAnswers attack me and the Center, it drives eyeballs to our website at  Once there, allies and doubters alike find hard evidence and solid reasoning to support our views and mission. *** 



LTC Comment:  Thanks to the support of our individual and corporate members, 2007 has been a very productive and successful year for your Center for Long-Term Care Reform.  

Today's LTC Bullet will list some of the year's accomplishments and direct you to helpful new content on the Center's website at

But the job that must be done is by no means finished.  Our mission is to achieve universal access to top quality long-term care at the most appropriate level for all Americans. 

We pursue that mission by encouraging most people to plan, save, invest and insure to pay for their own long-term care as a means to preserve and improve Medicaid as a LTC safety net for the needy.  

Won't you help us carry on this important mission for another year?  Join the Center.  Read our publications.  Share them with others, especially local reporters and public policy makers.  Get involved with our 2008 LTC Tour. 

Annual dues are only $150 for individuals and negotiable for corporations and organizations.  Contact Damon at 206-283-7036 or to join.  He'll quickly get you into "The Zone," in receipt of all our e-publications, and enjoying all the benefits of membership. 

Together we have made a difference this year.  We can again.  2008 is a year of enormous opportunity for accomplishing our objectives.  Plans for the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour are coming together beautifully.  Big news on that soon. 

But for now, let's look back on 2007. 


Links to Highlights: 


KANSAS:  "Medicaid's Raw Deal:  How Kansans Subsidize Wealthier States Through the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage," Policy Brief, Flint Hills Center For Public Policy, Wichita, Kansas, August 16, 2007, access here or

NEW YORK:  "The New York Long-Term Care Compact Proposal:  Update, Analysis and Recommendations," 


Jane Bryant Quinn's Newsweek column quoted Steve Moses and cited the Center for Long-Term Care Reform, "How You Can Pay for Costly Old-Age Care," Newsweek, March 26, 2007. 


Stephen A. Moses, The Brave New World of Long-Term Care, Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy, Volume 21, Issue No. 2, 2007, pps. 561-569,  


Stephen Moses, "What's Really Happening to Long-Term Care," delivered at the Seventh Annual Intercompany Long-Term Care Insurance Conference in Dallas on March 27, 2007, for text:  To listen, click for an MP3 or WMA audio recording of this speech. 


"Maximize the Value of WWW.CENTERLTC.COM?":  a full hour on how to get the most of the Center's content-rich public and private websites at  

"The LTC Graduate Seminar":  This half-hour webinar describes the Center's new online version of our highly acclaimed eight-hour seminar for advanced students of long-term care service delivery and financing: 


Senior Market Advisor named Steve Moses to its top-ten "Power List" in long-term care insurance.  Find pictures and story here.    

2008 LTC Tour: 

Read about our plans for the 2008 National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour and view a picture of the "Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care" at the top of



Center president Stephen Moses published 13 bylined articles in 2007.  Five of these articles were part of an 8-article series for the national newspaper Health Care News funded by a grant to the non-profit Heartland Institute by the Milbank Foundation for Rehabilitation.  Check out many of Steve's published articles at    

The Center for Long-Term Care Reform published 66 LTC Bullets so far in 2007 and distributed them to all manner of public policy makers, reporters, academics, LTCi producers, reverse mortgage lenders, and other long-term care stakeholders.  Check out the LTC Bullets archives by date and subject at

The Center published 144 LTC E-Alerts so far in 2007 and saw these "one-a-day mental vitamins" on long-term care elicit ever-increasing interest and feedback.  Check out archives of the LTC E-Alerts in the members-only zone at  (If you need a reminder of your user name and password, contact or call 206-283-7036.)  

The Center was referenced and Steve Moses was quoted in numerous published articles including Jane Bryant Quinn's Newsweek column and the Dallas Morning News

Senior Market Advisor named Steve to its top-ten Power List in long-term care insurance.  Find pictures and story here.    

Reporters from many prominent news outlets continue to interview Steve Moses on long-term care financing issues.  Watch for special features about the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour forthcoming in Broker World, Life Insurance Selling, McKnight's Long-Term Care News, Assisted Living Executive magazine, and in February, 2008 an interview and video in the Wall Street Journal

Steve gave ten speeches in 2007 to a wide range of conferences and organizations including state legislative testimony in Texas and Kansas, LTCi producers and executives, reverse mortgage specialists, long-term care providers, senior advocates and Wharton Business School students.  Check out examples of Steve's speeches at  

He gave less formal "briefings" on long-term care financing to dozens of organizations and to many influential legislators and policy makers. 

The Center for Long-Term Care Reform conducted major state-level studies of Medicaid and long-term care financing in New York and in North Carolina (with the John Locke Foundation Foundation.)  Check out our report on the New York LTC Compact proposal at  Many more of the Center's formal long-term care studies are at   

Finally, we recognize the Center's Administrative Coordinator Damon Moses for his yeoman's work editing and sending all our publications, keeping up the Center's huge and ever-growing website at, and for managing the Center's membership lists and financial support.  His dedication and hard work contribute critically to the Center's ability to hang on financially and continue to pursue our common mission. 

So here's to a hugely successful 2007 and a highly hopeful 2008 with your help and support.