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Stephen Moses is a nationally recognized expert on long-term care, Medicaid, Medicare, and health policy.  McKnight’s Long-Term Care NEWS said Mr. Moses is “one of the 100 most influential people in long-term care.”  Nursing Homes magazine reported “there is probably no more articulate spokesperson for privately financed long-term care than Stephen Moses.” Long-Term Living named him one of five "people making a difference in LTC."  Senior Market Advisor magazine put Steve in its top-ten LTC insurance "Power List" with his picture on its cover.

Contact us to have Steve Moses speak at your organization's next sales meeting, seminar, conference, special event, forum or board meeting.  Each of Steve’s presentations is custom-tailored to your group's needs.  To assist your planning, several of his most in-demand topics are:


Long-Term Care Financing:  Past, Present and Future
How did the USA come to have a dysfunctional, welfare-financed, nursing-home-based LTC system in the wealthiest country in the world where no one wants to go to a nursing home?  What's about to change (and why) that will undermine the social safety net but supercharge private financing products like insurance and reverse mortgages?  How should you position your company, your employees, your family and yourselves to prepare for the coming long-term care crisis.

The Fallacy of Impoverishment
If Medicaid is a means-tested public assistance program, i.e., welfare, why does it pay for most nursing-home and home-based long-term care?  Are so many people too poor to pay for their own care?  How do affluent people qualify for Medicaid LTC benefits?  What legal tricks do Medicaid planners use to get their wealthy clients onto Medicaid and into the best LTC facilities?  Why do some state Medicaid programs collect millions of dollars from deceased recipients' estates while others do nothing?  How should you plan for long-term care?

What I Told Congress
Steve Moses testified before Congress on September 21, 2011 and "told it like it is."  Well-intentioned, but misguided government funding of long-term care is bankrupting Medicaid for the poor and crippling private-market LTC financing alternatives.  Medicaid pays too little to ensure quality care.  LTC providers can no longer rely on Medicare to make up the difference.  In the future, only private payers will command red-carpet access to top-quality care, but most aging Americans are unprepared to pay privately for LTC.  What's going to happen?  How soon?  And what must be done now?

The LTC Graduate Seminar
This highly regarded course is aimed at financial planners, CPAs, attorneys, LTC providers, and long-term care insurance producers.  It answers the question "What do you need to know to protect your clients from the risk and cost of catastrophic long-term illness?"  Read dozens of testimonials here.  The LTC Graduate Seminar is available as a two-hour or full day program.  Steve Moses has presented this program dozens of times all across the United States in person and by webinar.  More here.

Stephen Moses is available to speak nationwide and internationally.  To read more about his publications and speeches, click here

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