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Since its founding in 1998, The Center for Long-Term Care Financing has received hundreds of endorsements from long-term care professionals, media, publishers, researchers, advocates, public officials and others.  Below is a representative sample.  We encourage you to share your own endorsement of the Center by selecting the "Submit an Endorsement" link on the side bar to the left.



"The Center for LTC Financing is a great asset to those who seek to improve our society's approach to LTC financing.  The Center is persistent, loud and clear in bringing a wake-up call on LTC to those who need to hear it.  Steve Moses is tireless in the cause of shattering Medicaid myths, preserving government resources for those who need them most, and encouraging imaginative alternatives to LTC financing.

--Winthrop Cashdollar, Director, Center for Disability & LTC Insurance, Health Insurance Association of America 


"I have read much you have written over the years.  Your article "How to Cope With Long Term Care" in the February issue of Consumer Reports was excellent and the only article I have seen so far where someone actually proposes a viable solution to the Medicaid problem instead of simply hand-wringing.  I have always found your articles to be thoughtful and reasonable.  You are, in my opinion, one of the real experts on long term care!  I think you folks are doing a great job!  It seems to me that you are setting the standard for objectivity, original thinking in problem solving, and vision regarding one of the most serious and difficult issues this country has ever had to deal with."

-- Ms. S. M. Lathrum, Chartered Financial Planner


"I am convinced that the development of an effective long-term care system with appropriate financing is one of the most critical challenges facing our aging nation.  In my attempt to stay abreast of this subject, I continually scan dozens of reports and newsletters.  However, I have found no resource more insightful and useful than the 'LTC Bullets' I regularly receive as well as the potent reports the Center for Long-Term Care Financing periodically prepares. Keep up the good work-- your analyses and conclusions are like a lighthouse beacon."

-- Ken Dychtwald Ph.d., Founder and President of Age Wave, LLC, author of Age Wave and Age Power: How the 21st Century Will be Ruled by the New Old"


"Two thumbs up, way up!  We throughly enjoy your 'Bullets' and the fresh perspective that you bring to addressing the impending LTC baby-boomer crisis.  The influence that your Center has on the national debate currently being waged about how to best provide for the long-term health care needs of the "truly needy" appears to be increasing exponentially.  You should all be proud of your contributions to date.  Keep up the GREAT work!"

-- Tom Behrens, Vice President, American Fidelity Assurance



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