LTC Bullet:  Memory Lane Part Three (2006-2009)

Friday, June 8, 2012


LTC Comment:  This week’s LTC Bullet brings us to part three of our “Memory Lane” series.  But first, here’s the ***news.***

*** THE LATEST FROM 3in4:  The 3in4 Need More campaign continues to raise awareness for the need for long-term care planning and is going strong.  Here’s a look at some of their latest tour stops and media coverage:

*** “So you want to be a social media rockstar?”  Have you been considering using social media to improve your business?  If so, you’re not alone.  Lucky for us there are pioneers like Stephen Forman of Long Term Care Associates who have mastered this skill and can succinctly articulate how you can, too.  He does just that and explains what becoming a social media master can do for your business in “So you want to be a social media rockstar?” Part 1 / Part 2.  This is an excellent piece from a true “social media rockstar.”  While you’re at it, see how Forman and LTCA are using social media to raise funds for Alzheimer's research and care in this press release.  Don’t forget to support their noble cause by voting for them at ***

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LTC Bullet:  Memory Lane Part Three (2006-2009)

The Center for Long-Term Care Reform celebrated its 14th anniversary on April 1, 2012.  That’s what prompted our “Memory Lane” series.  This week’s addition to the series covers LTC Bullets from 2006 thru 2009.  We’ll take a stroll and have a look at a few of the 254 LTC Bullets the Center published during those four years.  If you would like to dig deeper, all 950+ of our LTC Bullets are available in the archives, organized by date and subject.  Enjoy our trip down memory lane.

2006 LTC Bullets

LTC Bullet #604:  “LTC Doubletalk,” January 24, 2006: “Medicaid planners and their academic and media enablers are talking out of both sides of their mouths:  asset transfers are rare but preventing them will devastate seniors.   Say, what?”

LTC Bullet #606:  “As LTC Climax Approaches, CBO Estimates Savings,” January 30, 2006:  “With the critical Deficit Reduction Act vote coming day after tomorrow, the future of long-term care financing hangs in the balance.”

LTC Bullet #609:  “LTC Victory,” February 2, 2006:  “The Deficit Reduction Act of 2006 passed yesterday curbing Medicaid abuse and unleashing LTC Partnerships.  Celebrate?  Sure.  But don't take a victory lap until you consider what can go wrong.”

LTC Bullet #624:  “The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005,” April 5, 2006:  “The DRA is the most important legislation affecting long-term care service delivery and financing in over a decade.  Find out what it all means.”

LTC Bullet #662:  “The Brave New World of Long-Term Care,” November 16, 2006:  “What is the ‘Pusillanimous Old World of Long-Term Care?’  How did good LTC intentions produce dismal unintended consequences?  Will the DRA fix LTC?  What bitter lesson is government about to learn that almost ruined LTCi?  Which way will the new Democratic majority in Congress lean?”

2007 LTC Bullets

LTC Bullet #686:  “What's Really Happening to Long-Term Care?,” April 4, 2007:  “Why do most Americans fail to take the risk of long-term care seriously?  Why are LTC insurance sales declining or flat at a time when the costs of care are rising steeply?  Are people really spending down into impoverishment for LTC?  If so, how can the public remain in denial about long-term care?  Is the tax-paying public well-served when Medicaid and Medicare pay for most formal LTC services for the middle class and affluent as well as the poor?  How can home equity conversion or long-term care insurance ever get traction in the marketplace when public policy is to expand government financing of ever-more-attractive LTC services?”  Read this LTC Bullet for the answers.

LTC Bullet #688:  “First LTC Gadfly Brigade Mobilizes,” April 12, 2007:  “To fix LTC policy, we have to reach the right people:  politicians, policy makers and the media.  The Iowa LTC Gadflies have taken up that challenge.”

LTC Bullet #705:  “The NY Compact:  Analysis, Conclusions, and Recommendations,” July 31, 2007:  “After hearing the elder law bar in New York had a new idea for LTC financing that was winning political proponents and worrying private insurers, we decided to take a closer look.”

LTC Bullet #715:  “The National LTC Consciousness Tour -- The Plan,” September 13, 2007:  “The Center for Long-Term Care Reform's 2008 National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour in a nutshell.” 

LTC Bullet #726:  “The LTCI Power List,” November 6, 2007:  “Following is Senior Market Advisor editor Brian Anderson's introduction to a series of ten vignettes (with photos) about people making a difference today in the long-term care insurance industry.  The list is not comprehensive.  When asked, I recommended the same people and many others as well.”   

2008 LTC Bullets

LTC Bullet #739:  “McKnight's Editor Highlights LTC Tour,” January 14, 2008:  “A key LTC provider trade journal cheers on the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour [in this LTC Bullet].”

LTC Bullet #743:  “LTC Tour Touches LTC Providers,” February 1, 2008:  “Nursing homes are heavily dependent on Medicaid which pays them too little to ensure quality care.  Home health care providers are heavily dependent on Medicare which has whipsawed them between generous and penurious coverage.  Assisted living facilities are 90 percent private pay, but they're hurt by government subsidies of nursing home care and tempted by Medicaid's low reimbursements for beds that would otherwise remain empty.  In a nutshell, the entire LTC provider profession needs responsible LTC planning and rational long-term care policy.”

LTC Bullet #746:  “The LTC Tour (Mile 4350),” February 13, 2008:  “The Center for Long-Term Care Reform's 2008 ‘LTC Tour’ is succeeding beyond my highest hopes and expectations.  Our goal is to reach the public, policy makers and the media with this critical message:   ‘Every individual and family should plan responsibly for the risk and cost of long-term care.’  That's the only way America can save Medicaid as a long-term care safety net for the poor and ensure that every baby boomer receives quality LTC at the most appropriate level when the time comes.” 

LTC Bullet #747:  “WSJ Attacks LTCI, We Respond,” February 26, 2008:  “Today's front-page Wall Street Journal article criticizing long-term care insurance was as one-sided and misguided as a similar piece published by the New York Times also during a major industry conference.  We reply, same day, as follows.

LTC Bullet #757:  “Livin' in Aluminum,” April 24, 2008:  “Sharon Chace, editor of Broker World, invited me to report once a quarter on progress of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour. This month's issue of the magazine contains my first update.”

LTC Bullet #784:  “You Get the Long-Term Care You Pay For,” October 23, 2008: “The Cato Institute asked me for an ‘op-ed’ about a report that nursing homes were providing questionable care. I submitted the following, but Cato didn't have time to ‘shop it’ so close to the presidential election. So, here it is as today's LTC Bullet.”

LTC Bullet #788:  “Hitting My Stride,” November 18, 2008:  “McKnight's Long-Term Care News profiles Steve Moses, the LTC Tour and the Center for Long-Term Care Reform.”

2009 LTC Bullets

LTC Bullet #793:  “An LTC Tour Retrospective” January 6, 2009:  “I can't move on to bring you our huge new plans for 2009 without pausing just once more this week to look back on our LTC Tour of 2008.”

LTC Bullet #796:  “We Critique WSJ on Medicaid Planning,” January 16, 2009:  “We tipped you yesterday to Victoria Knight's Wall Street Journal article that endorses Medicaid planning for long-term care. Following is our letter challenging her arguments, sources, and conclusions. A WSJ editor asked us for an abbreviated version of this letter, which I supplied. We'll let you know if it's published. So far, no reply from the author, Ms. Knight.”

LTC Bullet #833:  “We Reply to Washington Post Blast at Federal LTCI,” August 14, 2009:  “Read our reply to the Washington Post's ‘Federal Diary’ criticism of Federal LTCI's premium increase [in this LTC Bullet].”

LTC Bullet #835:  “The Age Wave, The Ocean State, and Long-Term Care,” September 3, 2009:  “Rhode Island's ‘global Medicaid waiver’ combines opportunity and danger, but it could become a long-term care model for the country.”

LTC Bullet #849:  “The Impending Collapse of the Roadblocks to LTC Insurance,” December 1, 2009:  “Read the good news and the bad news on LTCI and the social safety net.”