LTC Bullet:  The LTC Tour (Mile 4350) 

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 

Columbia, South Carolina-- 

LTC Comment:  The National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour is well and truly begun.  Read, see and hear the latest after the ***news.*** 

*** GET ON BOARD.  After you read today's LTC Bullet, if you want to be part of the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour, let us know.  Contact Damon at 206-283-7036 or  Get all the details at the top of about participation as a sponsor or a Regional Representative of the Center.  You'll find everything you need to know including benefits and costs.  My speaking engagements all year and throughout the United States are booked on a first-come, first-served basis so the sooner you join the LTC Tour, the better chance you have of scheduling events and getting publicity like the examples in today's LTC Bullet. *** 

*** COMPUTER PROBLEMS.  I'm having computer difficulties today; I have to give a speech at a state Health Underwriters meeting in a few minutes; and a radio show is scheduled shortly thereafter.  My choices are either cut this off here and get it to you today or finish later and send it tomorrow.  But tomorrow there will be much more to report, so . . . here goes . . . *** 



LTC Comment:  The Center for Long-Term Care Reform's 2008 "LTC Tour" is succeeding beyond my highest hopes and expectations.  Our goal is to reach the public, policy makers and the media with this critical message:  

"Every individual and family should plan responsibly for the risk and cost of long-term care." 

That's the only way America can save Medicaid as a long-term care safety net for the poor and ensure that every baby boomer receives quality LTC at the most appropriate level when the time comes. 

It's working.  The message is resonating.  On Monday and Tuesday morning of this week, all three network affiliates (ABC, NBC, and CBS) in Chattanooga, TN interviewed me on the air about the importance of long-term care planning.  We published a FlipVideo version of the ABC affiliate's show on the LTC Blog at  You'll find a link there by scrolling down to the entry for 2/12/8.  Special thanks to Center for Long-Term Care Reform Regional Representative Gail Lindsey of Lindsey and Associates and to her newest associate Jason Hillner for their successful efforts in publicizing the LTC Tour.  

For the CBS affiliate's coverage (a story and a video), check it out here.  The story tells why a mother and daughter attended our public forum Monday night.  They came because both are worried that long-term care could become a huge family problem some day without wise planning now.  I elaborated on the nature and likelihood of that problem and, more importantly, I explained the solution for people and for public policy. 

In today's Tennessean, the newspaper of record for the state capital of Nashville, read Getahn Ward's story ("Personal Responsibility Urged for Long-Term Care") about our LTC Tour and the LTC financing issue at  You'll find a picture of me and the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care along with an article on the Tour and the LTC issue.  Here's the lead:  "Steve Moses rode his Airstream trailer, dubbed 'The Silver Bullet,' into Nashville last week with this message: The solution to a looming long-term care crisis is in consumers' taking personal responsibility, not in more government programs." 

The Tennessean interview occurred immediately after Phyllis Shelton and I met with the Director and Deputy Director of TennCare (Tennessee's Medicaid program) and the day before I spoke at length with State Representative Ferguson, who chairs the state legislature's "Joint Long-Term Care Study Group."  I interviewed Rep. Ferguson on FlipVideo here.  

Early in the LTC Tour, several weeks ago, Life Insurance Selling editor Gordon Bess, interviewed me about the LTC Tour and the long-term care financing issue.  A "podcast" of that 20-minute conversation is now available at LIS's website.  Go to and click on "Podcasts-New." 

Here's the lead:  "February 2008 Podcast:  As the baby boom generation ages, the American public will come to the stark realization that families cannot rely on public financing (Medicaid and Medicare) to pay long-term care costs. There is an urgent need for public awareness and education on the economic realities of long-term care, and specifically the importance of private insurance coverage to meet these needs. Leading the way in this effort is Stephen Moses, president of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform in Seattle. He is on a year-long 'National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour' that will take him through all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We interviewed Steve during one of his stops in Florida. He explains the purpose of his tour and how insurance professionals can benefit from it." 

Today, I'm delivering the luncheon address in Columbia, SC at the South Carolina Association of Health Underwriters "Day on the Hill" conference.  In the afternoon, I'll appear on a local radio show to speak yet again about the importance of LTC planning. 

The National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour is already touching the lives of thousands of people.  And we've barely just begun.  Follow our progress in the LTC Blog at or join the Center and get our daily LTC E-Alerts and LTC Bullets.  Tell your friends and colleagues about the LTC Tour.  But most importantly:  when you see a picture of the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care, check to see if your favorite LTC company or carrier is represented with signage.  If not, please ask them to sponsor the Tour, so we can affix their logo to the Silver Bullet, and show the world they care about responsible LTC planning.