LTC Bullet: On the Road Again

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Portland, Oregon--

<<< Happy St. Patrick's Day >>>

LTC Comment: Our Western Tour has begun and if you do business in any of the eleven westernmost states, you can participate profitably. Details after the ***news.***

*** MCKNIGHTS.COM DAILY UPDATE for March 12, 2009 published Steve Moses's article titled "Healthcare reform unlikely to include long-term care." Read it with picture here. ***

*** WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND. When were these sentences written?

"State governments face their worst fiscal crises in 50 years. The federal budget flipped from a triple-digit surplus to a triple-digit deficit. Medicaid, which accounts for 20 percent of state budgets and 7 percent of the federal budget, is a large part of the problem."

Today? This week? No. That's the lead paragraph in Steve Moses's March 2003 article titled "Long-Term Care Crisis Builds" in Health Care News. Read it here. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

But one thing's really different this time around. We're six years closer to and finally right on the cusp of the Age Wave's crest and crash. ***



LTC Comment: The Center for Long-Term Care Reform's 2008 National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour focused heavily on the Eastern United Sates and the Mid-West. The West got only a quick drive through. We're going to remedy that this year.

Check out "What is the Western Tour?" here and our "Western Tour Calendar" here. Find an open day on the calendar at a location he can reach with the Silver Bullet, and bring Steve to your meeting, conference, or client presentation. Just reply to this LTC Bullet for details.

Steve Moses departed Seattle in the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care yesterday morning. Today, man and machine are in Portland, Oregon with Mike Skiens and his MasterCare Solutions team ( Genworth Long-Term Care Insurance is sponsoring our "Long-Term Care Graduate Seminar," including two hours of continuing education credit. After Steve's presentation, Genworth's LTC Regional Vice President, David Soares, will conclude the program.

Check out "rave reviews" of the "LTC Graduate Seminar" here.

Wednesday finds Steve in Salem, Oregon at the State Capitol building to meet with Rob Johnson, a full-time lobbyist for the Oregon Health Care Association. OHCA ( represents 570 skilled nursing, assisted living, residential care and other LTC facilities. Steve first learned long-term care public policy as the federal Health Care Financing Administration's Medicaid State Representative for Oregon in the mid-1980s. What better way to kick off our "2009 Save Medicaid LTC Campaign" than to renew communications with this key trade association for LTC providers in the "Beaver State."

Thursday, March 19 and Friday, March 20 are wide open. You can welcome Steve Moses and the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care to your event anywhere between Salem, OR and Reno, NV. To jump on this opportunity, just reply to his email.

On Monday, March 23, Steve's in another state capital with another LTC trade association. This time it's Carson City, Nevada and meeting with Charles Perry, Executive Director of the Nevada Health Care Association ( Charlie Perry has scheduled a round of meetings for the Center president with key state legislators and officials. Nevada, like most states, is suffering a severe budget crisis. Medicaid, especially its LTC component, is a big part of the problem. The Center for Long-Term Care Reform has solutions. What a great opportunity to share them!

Tuesday, March 24 is an open travel day. Steve and the Silver Bullet are available for a meeting or presentation anywhere between Carson City, NV and Monterey, CA.

On Wednesday, March 25, Steve will present our "Long-Term Care Graduate Seminar" to the Monterey Bay Health Underwriters Association ( at a luncheon program (noon to 2:30 PM) in Monterey, California. Members $35, Non-Members $45, lunch included. Details at and registration at

Thursday, March 26 finds Steve and the Silver Bullet in Sacramento, California conducting a presentation for State Life/OneAmerica ( OneAmerica was last year and remains this year a Gold Sponsor of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform. The Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care proudly sports the company's logo on both of her shiny silver sides. Regional Marketing Director Steve Gregg is hosting this program (

Major corporate sponsors of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform receive many benefits including the right of sponsoring several of Steve's presentations at no extra honorarium. Check out our "Membership Levels and Benefits" schedule here.

Friday, March 27 is an open day. Schedule Steve and the Silver Bullet anywhere between Sacramento, CA and Reno, NV. Just reply and ask.

From Sunday, March 29 to Wednesday, April 1, our "2009 Western Tour" visits the "9th Annual Inter-Company Long-Term Care Insurance Conference" ( at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada. The Silver Bullet will be parked prominently in front of the meeting venue for all to see. Likely, Steve will host our "Hospitality Suite" with pretzels and beer in the Airstream as he did last year when this major industry event convened in Jacksonville, Florida. Steve will address a session on the "Actuarial Track" titled "Can LTCi Really Work?" at 2:00 PM on Monday, March 30.

On Thursday, April 2, Steve's back with Gold Sponsor State Life/OneAmerica (, this time in San Ramon, California (Bay Area). Regional Marketing Director Steve Gregg is hosting this program (

The next day, Friday, April 3, he's in meetings with another long-term care trade association, the California Association of Health Care Facilities ( in Sacramento, CA. California's long-term care providers, especially the ones heavily dependent on Medicaid, are hurting big time. We have ideas and recommendations we hope will help.

Now, here are some wide open dates you can jump on:

From April 6 to 16, Steve Moses and the Silver Bullet can be anywhere between Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, California. Just line up the days, events and presentations in something approaching a chronological and geographical row.

Schedule the highly regarded "LTC Graduate Seminar" or try something brand new this year. Bring Steve in to present the "big picture" of long-term care to a major group or multi-life prospect. Two agents in Knoxville, TN tried that last year and quickly landed 26 new sales. Read about it here.

On April 17, Steve's in Westlake Village, California to present the "LTC Graduate Seminar" to General Agent Michael Veta's Gold Coast Genworth team (

Possibilities for the week of April 20-24 include Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and Phoenix, Arizona.

Thursday, April 30, the Silver Bullet goes into storage in Albuquerque, New Mexico while Steve flies off to conduct programs in Miami, Florida for Center Regional Representative George Braddock on May 1 and in Orlando (May 6) and Tampa, Florida (May 7) for State Life/OneAmerica ( Elaine Marvin, CFP, Regional Vice President is hosting the latter two events.

Steve takes some much needed R&R in Santa Fe, New Mexico from May 9 to 16.

Then from May 18 until May 29, book Steve and the Silver Bullet anywhere between Santa Fe, NM and Seattle, Washington. That opens up Pueblo, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Denver; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Salt Lake City, Utah; anywhere in Montana or Idaho; and back to Oregon and Washington by the end of May.

Just plot a time and place on a reasonable itinerary and "we're there!"

In the meantime, in between times, we're booking more meetings with LTC provider associations, state legislators, Medicaid officials, Insurance Commissioners, and anyone else with interest in and influence on long-term care public policy.

As always, the Center for Long-Term Care Reform seeks major corporate sponsors. Some great new "real estate" has opened up on the Silver Bullet for your corporate logo. Check out the "Membership Levels and Benefits" schedule here and ask about signage on the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care. Everywhere the rig goes, people ask about it, about long-term care, and about LTC insurance.

Join our "Western Tour" and get in on the fun, learning, and political influence.