LTC Bullet: New Departures

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


LTC Comment: For the first time ever, the Center for Long-Term Care Reform will directly facilitate LTCi sales. Why and how follows the ***news.***

*** SUNRISE SUNSETS: Assisted living facilities struggle because Medicaid-financed, nursing-home-based custodial care crowds out the ALF market AND the private LTCi to pay for it. Case in point and a very sad outcome indeed:

"VA: Sunrise Senior Living may seek bankruptcy protection By Alejandro Lazo. The Washington Post. Mar 3, 2009 After its worst yearly performance since going public in 1996, Sunrise Senior Living has said it may seek bankruptcy protection if it can not reach a settlement with its lenders." Source: AHCA / NCAL Gazette - Wednesday, March 3, 2009 ***

*** SHELTON SALES SKILLS SEMINAR scheduled for May 20-21 in Nashville. Get details and register here: In tough economic times like these, the LTCi industry is lucky to have passionate advocates of good LTC planning like Phyllis Shelton. She and others take on major personal financial risk to sponsor industry events and training programs. When you support them by participating, you vote for their continuation. We're proud to recognize Phyllis and her program here. ***

*** RAVE REVIEWS show up often in "Google" alerts for the Center for Long-Term Care Reform. Two recent cases in point: Valerie VanBooven's "Elder Care Market" blog at and Honey Leveen's "LTC Queen" blog at We encourage Center members to share our analysis and commentary on their blogs and web sites. Just please let us know first. ***



LTC Comment: Your Center for Long-Term Care Reform is about to make some new departures: literally and figuratively.

Literally, Steve Moses is heading out March 16 for a "Western Tour" in the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care. Read more about that below and in future Bullets.

Figuratively, we're going to do something brand new. We're going to supercharge group and multi-life LTCi sales. First, in the West on the Tour and then nationwide.

The Center's main focus has always been public policy research and advocacy. Over the years, we've influenced state and federal legislation bearing on LTC financing many times. We always advocate policy that helps preserve Medicaid as a safety net for the poor by encouraging responsible long-term care planning and private financing for everyone else.

But right now, that's a hard sell. The federal government is flooding states with Medicaid money to prop up the same, old LTC financing system that has crowded out LTC insurance for decades. That won't last, but it's an impediment to needed public policy changes now.

So, here's what we want to do in the short term and how you can get involved.

First, an example.

Paul Cochran and Bruce Landis of "Providence Advisors Group" market long-term care insurance in Knoxville, Tennessee ( They invited me to speak at an investment management firm which they had been encouraging to offer LTC as an optional employee benefit.

I explained the "big picture" about long-term care and how everything is about to change; how individuals and families will be much more at risk for LTC in the future; and how companies will feel the strain of employee caregiving more than ever.

Before long, 26 new clients (most of them 55 years of age and under) purchased LTCi as a direct result of our program. Both Bruce and Paul stated that in their opinion . . .

"Steve Mosesí seminar  was the tipping point for this firm to go forward with an LTC Multi-Life option."

I'd like to help others achieve similar results. Feel free to contact either Bruce ( or Paul ( for details and ideas that might help you conduct a similar seminar in your area.

What was different about a presentation by Steve Moses that caused such a positive outcome? Certainly, Bruce and Paul had better sales skills and knew more about their product. I barely mentioned LTC insurance, so that wasn't it. I'd like to think it was my inimitable eloquence that made the difference, but probably not.

Instead, I believe the key factor was content. In other words, I explained the big picture issue that puzzles people about long-term care. If it's such a big risk and cost as agents claim, then why do so few people purchase the insurance protection?

Answer that question convincingly and all that remains is to close. I teed up the issue in a new, compelling way that facilitated the actual sale.

Clarification: I will not sell. Neither Steve Moses nor the Center for Long-Term Care Reform will endorse any company or product. What we will do is provide a critical link in the chain of reasoning that will help more clients see the need for a long-term care insurance solution.

Sales guru Tommy Hopkins says: "Sell them in bunches like bananas." That's why we'll focus on group and multi-life sales, the fastest growing sector of the LTC insurance industry.

So, how can you get involved?

I'm headed out with the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care on March 16 for our 2009 Western Tour. I'll be doing media, meeting with LTC provider associations and state think tanks, reaching out to state legislators and policy makers just like last year. But this year, I'll be working directly with you to help protect more people from the risk and cost of long-term care.

Check out our 2009 Western Tour calendar at and below. We've only just begun to book the dates and they're already filling up fast. So act now. Call Steve Moses at 206-283-7036.

All you have to do is get me in the door at a company or organization for a time and location that fits the Tour's route. That part will be easy because you're offering a nationally known speaker who's testified before two-thirds of America's state legislatures and Congress, spoken at scores of professional conferences across the country, been quoted in hundreds of publications, and published extensively in professional journals, books and magazines.

For proof, send prospects to the Center's website at including links to:

-- My professional bio at

-- Dozens of our articles, speeches and reports at

-- Many samples of our media coverage at

-- Our printable "handout," enter one web address and get active hyperlinks to some of the Center's most compelling content at

You'll find this a great way to open doors to new companies or solidify your position with firms you're already marketing to. First come, first served. So call now to discuss: 206-283-7036.

Here's Steve's "Western Tour" schedule and itinerary. Even days already assigned may still be available at certain times of the day in the same or a nearby city.

Can you schedule a session on an open day at a place geographically within reach? Call Steve at 206-283-7036.


March 16 (Mon.): Open

March 17 (Tues.): Portland, Oregon.

March 18 (Wed.): Open

March 19 (Thurs.): Open

March 20 (Fri.): Open

March 23 (Mon.): Nevada Health Care Association in Carson City, NV.

March 24 (Tues.): Open

March 25 (Wed.): Open

March 26 (Thurs.): Sacramento, California.

March 27 (Fri.): Monterey, California.

March 29-April 1 (Sun.-Wed.): LTCi Conference in Reno, Nevada

April 2 (Thurs.): San Ramon, California (Bay Area)

April 3 (Fri.): California Association of Health Facilities in Sacramento, California.

April 6 (Mon.): Open

April 7: Phoenix (tentative)

April 8-April 22: Open

April 23 (Thurs.): Los Angeles for Heritage Foundation

April 24-April 29: Open

April 30-May 9: Side trip to Florida: Miami, Orlando and Tampa

May 9-16: New Mexico, Santa Fe and Albuquerque

May 17-30: Open

May 31: Return to Seattle

What have you got to lose? Try this! Call Steve Moses at 206-283-7036.