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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Clarksboro, New Jersey (LTC Tour Mile 14,150; State #23)--

LTC Comment: Wrapping up some loose ends about LTC, LTC Partnerships and the LTC Tour, after the ***news.***

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*** TWO NEW LTC-TV INTERVIEWS are posted to our YouTube LTC Consciousness Tour Channel at . Check out the brief conversations on critical topics with Michael Cannon, Director of Health Policy Studies at the Cato Institute and with Paul Hewitt, Executive Director of Americans for Generational Equity. Take heed. These are two of the best minds in the business of finding rational public policy solutions for the retirement financing crisis America faces. ***

*** LTC PARTNERSHIP SUMMIT. Another reminder. Do not miss this conference if you can help it. The Second Annual Partnership Summit, Charting the Future of Long-Term Care Insurance, will be held July 8-9, 2008 at the Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards, 110 South Eutaw St., Baltimore MD 21201. Space will be limited so register early. Participation Fee: $375. Special rates for Federal and State participants. Questions? Contact Marcia Bearor, Project Coordinator at For details and to register: This was an excellent program last year. I'd attend again if I weren't already committed elsewhere. Go and send me your feedback on the program for publication. ***



LTC Comment: First, the latest on the LTC Tour, then some tidbits about LTC Partnerships and other news of interest to LTC professionals.

I was in Florham Park, NJ yesterday morning to present the keynote address at the "Long-Term Care Consciousness Symposium" hosted by "The LTC Partnership, LLC" of Parsippany, NJ. Center for Long-Term Care Reform Regional Representative Michael Fitzpatrick, Managing Partner of the company, planned and executed an excellent half-day program.

The day before, I was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to speak at a program for U.S. Bank LTC insurance specialists sponsored by OneAmerica, a Gold Sponsor of the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour and a longtime loyal, and much-appreciated supporter of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform. Cooled my heels at O'Hare for a three-hour flight delay after that event arriving back at the Silver Bullet near midnight. Now I remember why I decided to travel at ground level this year!

Yesterday afternoon, the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care and I proceed to Clarksboro, NJ, across the river from Philadelphia. Janet Kidd Stewart, a syndicated columnist for the Chicago Tribune interviewed me for a story to be published July 6, 2008. Watch for it.

Today I'll attend my first "Fearless Caregiver" conference and serve on a panel to discuss LTC planning. For more information on the Fearless Caregiver conferences, on, on Today's Caregiver magazine and on Gary Barg, the man behind all of these initiatives to support caregivers, go to

Thursday, I put the Silver Bullet in storage at the Timberlane Campground near Philly ($5 per night, less than airport parking) and fly home to Seattle for some R&R. Actually, my first week back West will be spent at a week-long conference, the Atlas Society's Summer Seminar in Portland, Oregon, where I'll deliver two lectures. Bottom line, though, no more LTC E-Alerts or LTC Bullets until I hit the road on the LTC Tour again mid-July.

Last week in Washington, DC was eventful. On Monday, I met with Peter Spencer and his colleagues on the staff of the House Energy and Commerce Committee's Oversight and Investigations Sub-Committee. The Committee is planning hearings on long-term care insurance. I tried to give them some perspective on the challenges private insurance faces in light of Medicaid's dominance of LTC financing.

Tuesday morning at a FastSigns franchise near DC, we applied half a dozen new logos of LTC Tour sponsors to the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care. If your company isn't yet represented there and in our elegant presentation packets, now's the time to act. Contact Damon at 206-283-7036 or See the latest picture of the Silver Bullet and the most current map of the LTC Tour's progress.

Tuesday evening, I attended the Youth Entitlement Summit (YES) Fiscal Wake Up Tour Dinner in the Rayburn House Office Building as the guest of Paul Hewitt, Executive Director of Americans for Generational Equity. Three of the four Fiscal Wake-Up Tour leaders--Isabel Sawhill of The Brookings Institution, Bob Bixby of the Concord Coalition, and Stuart Butler of the Heritage Foundation--queried the youthful "delegates" on their "Declaration" about the need to address unfunded entitlement liabilities. (The fourth of the Fiscal Wake-Up Tour leaders is former Comptroller General of the U.S. David Walker, but he was absent.)

Wednesday, June 18, I delivered the two-hour version of our LTC Graduate Seminar to the Greater Washington Health Underwriters Association at the invitation of long-time Center member and supporter Ed Hutman. Ed arranged for continuing education credits for the program as have most of the sponsors of my speaking engagements on the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour.

Thursday, I headed north to Cockeysville, Maryland, near Baltimore, to address the Financial Planning Association of Maryland. The national president of the Financial Planning Association was present, listened enthusiastically, and promised to encourage other FPA organizations around the country to sponsor LTC Tour speaking engagements.

Later Thursday, I was back in DC for a meeting of the invitation-only "LTC Discussion Group." Mark Meiners, George Mason University Professor and Director of the University's Center for Health Policy, Research & Ethics, and Hunter McKay, of the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, presented the latest developments in the saga of the Long-Term Care Partnership Program. Meiners and McKay were the motive force behind the original LTC Partnerships and they've both been leaders in the program ever since.

Status of LTC Partnerships: Partnership policies are for sale in 17 states. Partnership plans are approved but so far unlaunched in 10 states. Roughly 30 states are "in play" and Meiners and McKay expect partnership polices to be selling in 30 states by January 2009. For much more on the LTC Partnership program, see information on the forthcoming "Summit Conference" in the ***news*** section above.

Later still on Thursday, June 19, I met at the Heritage Foundation with Bob Moffit, Director of Domestic Policy Studies, Nina Owcharenko, a senior health policy analyst, and Dennis Smith, the man who ran the Medicaid side of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services for nearly eight years. Stay tuned soon for big news about the outcome of that meeting.

Friday, I met with the Cato Institute's Director of Health Policy Studies Michael Cannon, author of the book Healthy Competition and with Paul Hewitt, Executive Director of Americans for Generational Equity (AGE). Above are links to my FlipVideo interviews with both of those experts. Check them and dozens of other interviews and vignettes on our "LTC-TV" YouTube LTC Consciousness Tour channel at .

Well, that brings you up to date on the LTC Tour. I'll be back in the saddle again July 14. But for now, I'm giving these daily publication a rest for the next three weeks. (Unless something really important pops up!)