LTC Bullet:  The LTC Opportunity

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


LTC Comment:  The best opportunity we've ever had to fix LTC financing and unleash the private market is right now.  Carpe diem!  Details follow.



LTC Comment:  I'm hitting the road again in the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care.  I'll spend late summer and early fall in Washington, DC speaking with all the key LTC interest groups.  Our goal is to find consensus on a solution, once and for all, to the LTC financing crisis.  It's the most important project the Center for Long-Term Care Reform has ever undertaken.  Read on for details, including how you can be involved and help us maximize this extraordinary opportunity.


"The LTC Opportunity"
Stephen A. Moses

The Cato Institute has invited the Center for Long-Term Care Reform to come to Washington, DC, study the long-term care financing crisis, and publish a report with legislative recommendations.  Grants from the Milbank Foundation for Rehabilitation and from Thomas Campbell Jackson, MPH, CEBS, a private philanthropist, support the project.  Cato will publish, distribute and promote the report.  Here's the plan:

I'll relocate to "The Beltway" for part of July and August as well as September through October of this year.  I'll brief and interview all the key LTC "stakeholders," including members of Congress and staff, LTC provider associations, senior advocates, insurance trade groups, the Medicaid directors association, state legislators' associations, and so on.  Our goal is to thread the needle of conflicting interests and come up with a plan on which all can agree.

By early next year we'll produce a report including legislative recommendations which explains precisely how Congress can reduce Medicaid expenditures by billions of dollars while improving long-term care access and quality for all Americans.  How?  Exactly as we've already explained in three major 2011 reports based on our comprehensive studies in some of the biggest, most expensive LTC states in the country:  Pennsylvania, California and New York.

Our message is very powerful.  Smart people who think the only way to fix long-term care is to grow government spending will turn around on a dime when they hear our analysis, evidence and recommendations.  I've seen it happen over and over again.  All it takes is to get in front of the right people when the time is right.

Why is now the right time?  Remember how bleak things looked after the internet bubble burst and the 2001 recession hit?  Welfare rolls skyrocketed; tax receipts plummeted; state and federal deficits and debt exploded.  The American Health Care Association sent me to DC half time for six months to brief anyone who would listen on the LTC problem and our solution.  What happened next? 

We got major reforms to improve LTC financing in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, including Medicaid eligibility controls and LTC Partnership expansion.  DRA '05 was good, but not enough.  The same economic conditions that made DRA '05 possible prevail again now, only more so.  This is our chance to win the battle once and for all, to reduce Medicaid dependency, and to unleash the potential of private LTC financing.

I've directly influenced major federal statutory reforms in the past (MCCA '88; OBRA '93; HIPAA '96; BBA '97; DRA '05) and I know we can do it again this time.  All it takes is to show the right people how to reduce Medicaid expenditures while improving LTC  services for all and empowering most Americans to avoid dependency on public assistance in the future. 

Late breaking and exciting news.  Many of you will remember the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's co-founder attorney David Rosenfeld.  As Health Counsel to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, David played a critical role in the design and passage of DRA '05.  He informs me that he has returned to DC as Chief Health Counsel to the House Majority Caucus.  David remains concerned about LTC financing issues and is well-positioned to influence good public policy in this critical area. 

While we have raised the funds to finance this project at a minimal level, I'm hoping you will redouble your efforts to sustain the Center for Long-Term Care Reform and support our new DC project.  Please put your money where my mouth is so I can make the case for rational LTC public policy and responsible LTC planning in our nation's capital. 

Pledges in any amount are welcome, but pledges at the following levels receive the special benefits listed plus our appreciative recognition in Center publications.  See our "Membership Levels and Benefits Schedule" for benefit descriptions and Regional Representative qualifications:

$100:  First year, new individual membership in the Center, a $150 value.  Renewals remain $150 per year. 

$500:  Premier membership in the Center for Long-Term Care Reform and official "Regional Representative" status for all who qualify.

$1,000:  Introductory corporate membership in the Center for Long-Term Care Reform with all the benefits accruing thereto.

$2,500:  First year Bronze level new corporate membership in the Center, a $5,000 value.

$5,000:  First year Silver level new corporate membership in the Center, a $10,000 value.

$7,500:  First year Gold level new corporate membership in the Center, a $15,000 value.

$10,000:  First year Platinum level new corporate membership in the Center, a $20,000 value.

$12,500:  First year Diamond level new corporate membership in the Center, a $25,000 value.

Why support the Center and this special project?  All Center supporters will receive my frequent "LTC Embed Reports" from the key battlefront of long-term care financing policy in Washington, DC.  Having your finger on the pulse of what's happening will be fun and exciting.  Corporate members of the Center can bring me in to your meetings by conference call or webinar to highlight our progress at no extra charge. 

If you are not a member of the Center, join now.  If your company is not a corporate member of the Center, urge management to join so you'll be covered for free.  For details, contact Damon at 206-283-7036 or  Feel free to ask for Steve if you have further questions.  Let's make the most of this exceptional "LTC Opportunity."

Wondering how I can live in the exorbitantly expensive DC area while doing this project on a shoe string?  That's where the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care comes in.  I'll live in the Airstream trailer and commute into DC for this project.  On the trip east, we're looking into ways to coordinate and intersect with the "3in4 Need More" LTC awareness bus tour.  I leave July 1, spend a week at a conference in Los Angeles, and then head cross country. 

Wish me "Bon Voyage" with a check to the Center in support of our DC project.  We'll add you to the list for special recognition in future LTC Bullets.  The Center's tax I.D. number is 202653166.  The address is 2212 Queen Anne Avenue North, #110, Seattle, Washington, 98109.  Thanks friends; you are the wind in our sails!