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Thursday, January 8, 2009


LTC Comment: Our two-hour LTC Graduate Seminar received rave reviews on the Center's 2008 LTC Tour. How to get your copy of the transcript, after the ***news.***

*** HOUSE KILLS "MEDICARE TRIGGER" Medicare is a ticking fiscal time bomb and Congress just pulled the pin by eliminating the "trigger." Here's the story:

House Eliminates Medicare 'Trigger' in Rules Package. Access this story and related links online:

The House on Tuesday voted 242-181 to approve an operating rules package (H Res 5) that eliminates the Medicare trigger, which requires the president to submit a plan to contain Medicare costs if they reach a certain level, CQ Today reports. The trigger was approved as part of the 2003 Medicare law. Under the law, if 45% or more of the program's funding comes from general tax revenues for two consecutive years, the president must submit to Congress legislation that would slow spending over a seven-year period and make the program financially stable. The trigger went into effect for the first time last year. A one-line item included in the rules package states that the Medicare trigger "shall not apply." In a release accompanying the package, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said the trigger is 'an ideologically driven target based on a misleading measure of Medicare's financial health.' Hoyer's office said that eliminating the trigger 'will allow Congress to consider all options for improving Medicare financing to provide a balanced and equitable solution' (Armstrong, CQ Today, 1/6).

Source: Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report - Wednesday, January 7, 2009 ***

*** OBAMA TO ENTITLEMENTS LIKE NIXON TO CHINA? Sometimes change comes from the least likely place ideologically. Nixon opened diplomatic relations with Communist China. Now President-Elect Obama promises to tackle burgeoning entitlement costs. It's only a hint and it contradicts the House's action cited above to eliminate the Medicare "trigger," but hopeful nonetheless. See "Obama Promises Bid to Overhaul Retiree Spending" in today's New York Times at ***

*** SPECIAL ALERT: Steve Moses will be in Arizona late January and late February. Schedule Steve to speak to your employees, producers, members, or the public during either or both of these visits for a radically reduced contribution to the Center for Long-Term Care Reform. Because he's in the area anyway, you can bring in a nationally acclaimed speaker for as little as $500 for events within a two-hour drive of Phoenix. Available days: January 29 or 30; February 23, 24, 26, or 27. Hit reply to inquire or contact Damon at 206-283-7036 or ***

*** SILVER BULLET opportunity. I'm bringing the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care to Reno, Nevada for the 9th Annual Intercompany LTC Insurance Conference (March 29 to April 1, 2009). Call it the "2009 LTC Consciousness Mini-Tour." The Western Region kind of got short shrift on last year's Tour and I'd like to correct that this year. So, if you can work with me to schedule an event anywhere in the LTC Tour Western Region Plus (CA, NV, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY, CO, UT, AZ, NM; AK and HI only if you fly me in sans Silver Bullet), I'll bring the Silver Bullet to you and we'll do a day of media, publicity and speaking . . . including the LTC Graduate Seminar described in today's LTC Bullet if you wish. If we can schedule this on a reasonable itinerary and timetable, we can make it happen for as little as $500 per sponsor. And you may qualify as a Regional Representative of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform too! Initial inquiries to Damon at 206-283-7036 or If it looks doable, he'll have you on the phone with me to work out the details. Just do it! But act fast. These things take time to plan. But for $500, heck, you could do this for a weekly sales meeting. ***

*** LTC: WHO SHOULD PAY? WHO DOES PAY? WHO WILL PAY? We have a standing "Google" search for any mention of the Center on the Web. Lately, my April 27, 2005 Congressional testimony keeps popping up for some reason. I reread what I said back then and something struck me: everything I described and warned about 3.5 years ago is much, much worse today. Check it out at Then if you read today's "LTC Graduate Seminar" transcription, you'll see what I mean about the slippery slope the country's on for LTC financing. The only good news is that the worse things get, the closer we are to a solution that will supercharge the LTC insurance market. ***



LTC Comment: Would you like answers to these questions?

If the risk and cost of long-term care is so high, why don't more people buy LTC insurance? What explains LTC denial?

In the wealthiest country in the world, how come we have a welfare-financed, nursing-home-based LTC system?

Why do nursing homes and assisted living facilities mostly ignore private financing alternatives like LTCI?

When Medicaid is bankrupting state and federal budgets, why is Medicaid eligibility so easy to obtain? How do so many people end up in Medicaid nursing homes?

With the Age Wave about to crest and crash, why is America's nursing home infrastructure obsolete but preferred home and community-based care options remain under-developed?

With funds for Medicaid and Medicare drying up, why do senior advocacy organizations continue to focus on government LTC funding and largely ignore the need for responsible long-term care planning and private financing alternatives?

Why is investment capital to build, operate and maintain LTC facilities so scarce? Shouldn't aging demographics make this a great place to invest?

What will happen as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid hit a fiscal wall over the next few years? Big tax increases? Major benefit cuts? Both? Neither?

Why and how is the welfarization of America's social safety net going to force more individuals and families to pay privately for long-term care?


We've prepared a verbatim transcript of the Center's two-hour mini-version of our full-day Long-Term Care Graduate Seminar.

This is the program Steve Moses delivered dozens of times all across the country on last year's National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour.

Read attendees' glowing reviews of the LTC Graduate Seminar here:

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