LTC Bullet: Big Week for the LTC Tour

Monday, August 11, 2008

San Diego, California--

LTC Comment: Last week was busy and productive for the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour. Details after the ***news.***

*** FACTS FROM . . ."Things to look forward to," The Economist, July 31, 2008
- By 2050 more than a quarter of the developed world's population will be over 65.
- At the moment, that group makes up about a sixth of the rich-world population, and only about 25 percent of them are over 80.
- In 2050 the octogenarians and their elders will comprise 40 percent of the 65-plus cohort in wealthy countries.
- Babies born today in poor countries such as Thailand or Jamaica can reasonably expect to live into their 70s.
- And as more and more Indians and Chinese escape from poverty, they too will have much longer spans.
- By 2050 the percentage of the Indian population over 80 will have risen fivefold, and the same segment in China will have gone up six times.
- By 2050 close to 80 percent of all deaths in the world are expected to occur in people who are older than 60.
Source: NCPA: Daily Policy Digest 8-08--2008 ***

*** NEW YORK MEDICAID . . . Having published two major reports that closely examined long-term care financing in the Empire State ("The New York LTC Compact Proposal" and "The Realist's Guide to Medicaid and Long-Term Care" ), the following story in the "Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report - Tuesday, August 5, 2008" doesn't surprise us:

"Audit Finds New York Paying for Medicaid Benefits of Former State Residents
Access this story and related links online here:

"New York state spent $30 million providing Medicaid services to nearly 30,000 former New York City residents between November 2006 and November 2007 who had moved outside the state, according to an audit by the state Comptroller's Office, the New York Post reports. . . . The audit found that the state Medicaid program is 'making inappropriate payments on behalf of recipients residing and enrolled in other states' Medicaid programs' and that there are 'no efforts to recover the inappropriate payments.' A New York state Health Department official said that the audit, which has not been publicly released, is 'a totally devastating study which shows that there are no real meaningful controls on who is getting Medicaid,' and that the findings are 'the tip of the iceberg' of former resident Medicaid abuse (Dicker, New York Post, 8/4)."

Reminder: As federal taxpayers, you're funding half the cost of the hemorrhaging Medicaid program in New York. ***

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LTC Comment: The National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour started last week, after a pleasant weekend on Cape Cod, in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

There, I conferred with the Tour's national PR and marketing consultant, the author and founder Marilee Driscoll. Marilee is also a Gold Sponsor of the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour. Here she is beside her "signage" on the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care.

We "filmed" a short vignette near Plymouth Rock with the good ship Mayflower in the background. Check it out here. For a photo, click here.

On Tuesday, I drove on to Hingham, Massachusetts where I visited the "Linden Ponds" facility of Erickson Retirement Communities. After a tour of the magnificent CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) guided by Public Relations Manager Dani Baldassare, I sat for a 30-minute TV interview to be broadcast on closed circuit television to Linden Ponds' more than 1000 residents. Erickson communities include every imaginable amenity. We're proud to have the company as a corporate member of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform and a "Friend of the Tour."

Wednesday took me further north to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and the headquarters of Long Term Care Partners, the federal long-term care insurance program ( CEO Paul Forte hosted me for dinner and stimulating conversation the evening before, introduced my two 2-hour "LTC Graduate Seminar" presentations the next day, and attended one of them. Here's a sample of the feedback from those programs:

"Very awakening! Jaw dropping information. Thank you!" Brenda Downs

"Very informative--wish I had had this information ten years ago." Linda Benjamin

"Understanding how we got to this point was eye opening." Jennifer Miller

By Wednesday evening, I'd driven 230 miles through driving rain in the Silver Bullet to Albany, New York. There Capital News 9 interviewed me about the LTC Tour and America's long-term care financing crisis. The piece, including video of the Silver Bullet, ran repeatedly on Channel 9's air that evening. Check it out here.

On Thursday, in Latham, New York, I presented the two-hour mini-version of our "LTC Graduate Seminar" at a special full-day LTC Consciousness Tour event sponsored by Kevin Johnson and the New York Long-Term Care Brokers of Clifton Park, NY. We kicked off the event with a hilarious slide show of LTC Tour pictures to the tune of Johnny Cash singing "I've Been Everywhere." (We hope to bring you a link to that slide show, originally prepared by Sara Kneisel of MetLife, sometime soon.) NYLTCB's Bob Vandy got my presentation approved for two hours of New York continuing education credit . . . no small feat in a state tied in bureaucratic knots! In the afternoon, Kathy O'Brien, a gerontologist with the MetLife Mature Market Institute, delivered an excellent presentation on aging demographics and highlighted the MMMI's superb research and publications.

Here's some of the feedback from my presentation at NYLTCB:

"Steve brought home to me in an understandable way the challenge and threat we are facing." John Stone

"Really helped put where we are today and how we got here in perspective and how we can better approach our clients." Brian O'Connell

"No one understands the problem like Steve Moses--and he does a great job explaining it." Arthur Rudnick

"Excellent presentation. Held everyone's total attention for 2 plus hours." Larry Feldman

"Wow--this was eye-opening! It will impact how I continue my LTC practice." Phyllis M. Pulver

"You provided a perspective I haven't received anywhere else." Susan Schell

Wrapping up the week, I headed to Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in the heart of the Berkshires. Jacque Metsma of True North Financial Services invited me to address an audience of lawyers, CPAs, and long-term care providers about the importance of planning responsibly for long-term care. Here again, the feedback was enthusiastic:

"An impressive presenter of serious issues that affect us all." Michael Citrin

"Great job bringing this to the public's attention." Missi Vreeland

"Straightforward, enlightening and real." Kevin Bopp

"Great wake-up call." Ed McCormick

All in all, it was a full and productive week in the LTC Tour's Northeast region. This week, I'm out West. Half of the Silver Bullet (the trailer) is comfortably ensconced at the Deer Run Campground in Schaghticoke, NY. The other half (the FJ Cruiser) is in long-term economy parking at Albany International Airport. And I'm in San Diego to deliver three hour-long speeches today at Asset Marketing Systems' (AMS) National Sales Symposium. What a great venue to hammer home the LTC Tour's message to financial advisors: "You have a moral and fiduciary responsibility to make sure your prospects and clients are protected against the risk and cost of long-term care."

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