LTC Bullet Special: LTC Tour Big News and Opportunities

Thursday, July 10, 2008

(LTC Tour Mile 14,150; State #23)


LTC Comment: The National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour will be in the Northeast through mid-August; then on to the Midwest through October; and finally out West for November and December. Pick your date with the Silver Bullet of LTC and Steve Moses.


LTC Comment: Broker World magazine has published the second column of my four-part series on the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour. Good reading! Check it out.

While you're at it, have a look at the LTC Tour's full-page advertisement in Broker World.

See the latest picture of the Silver Bullet with her many new sponsors' logos and the most current map of the LTC Tour's progress.

Sponsoring an event with Steve Moses as your speaker and the Silver Bullet of LTC as the media magnet is a great way to promote your business AND educate the media, policy makers, financial advisors, LTCI producers, and the public about the importance of LTC planning.

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Any questions? Call or email Damon at 206-283-7036 or He'll get you started and refer you to Steve Moses to nail down the arrangements.

Here's where Steve and the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care will be in the next few weeks and months. Keep daily track of the schedule and itinerary by following the "LTC Tour Calendar" at the top of

JULY 14 TO 27: The LTC Tour is in the greater NEW YORK CITY area during this two-week period. Some dates are taken, but plenty of opportunities remain.

JULY 28 TO AUGUST 7: These dates are set aside for NEW ENGLAND, actually anyplace north of NEW YORK.

AUGUST 7 TO 12: These days are spoken for already. I'll be doing major events in ALBANY, NEW YORK and flying into SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA.

AUGUST 13-15: I'll be in SEATTLE for three days of R&R, but ready, willing and able to do a program (without the Silver Bullet of course) if you have something in mind.

AUGUST 17-27: The Silver Bullet and I will be working our way from ALBANY, NY through SYRACUSE, NY for an event Wednesday, 8/20 and continuing to BUFFALO, NY for an event Thursday or Friday, August 21 or 22, then on to Cleveland, Ohio. So, if you're in western NEW YORK, western PENNSYLVANIA or northern OHIO, maybe we can find a mutually workable date and time!

AUGUST 28: I'm flying from CLEVELAND to CHARLOTTE, NC round trip to speak at a Financial Planning Association event. If you can get to Charlotte on that day, check out the flyer for this program.

AUGUST 29 to SEPTEMBER 3: These days I'm working my way from CLEVELAND down to OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY for an event 9/3 sponsored by the Western Kentucky Association of Health Underwriters. That's Labor Day weekend but it still leaves Friday, August 29 and Tuesday, September 2 as possible event dates between CLEVELAND and LOUISVILLE, KY.

SEPTEMBER 4-9: Heavy travel from KENTUCKY to CHICAGO and by air to NEW MEXICO. Possible event days in SANTA FE or ALBUQUERQUE, NM are 9/8 or the morning of 9/9.

SEPTEMBER 10-18: September 10 I'm in SOUTH BEND, Indiana for an event sponsored by the Greater Northern Indiana Association of Health Underwriters. On September 18 I'm in DAYTON, OHIO with NAIFA-Dayton. In between those dates, the Silver Bullet and I can be anywhere between CHICAGO and CINCINNATI, OHIO. Nail down your date and location today.

SEPTEMBER 19: The Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care goes home to mama, the Airstream factor in tiny JACKSON CENTER, OHIO, for servicing.

SEPTEMBER 20-OCTOBER 3: In this time frame, the LTC Tour is centered between INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA and ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI. Between 9/22 and 9/25, I'll make a side trip by air to PHOENIX, ARIZONA for a series of events, but a day on either end of that span may have some time available. On 9/26, I'm in INDIANAPOLIS for the Financial Planning Association of Indiana. On 9/30, I'm in ST. LOUIS for OneAmerica in the morning and with the Retired Service Volunteer Program in the afternoon. October 1 and 2, we're back in INDIANAPOLIS for OneAmerica's "National Education Conference." October 3 is NAIFA-Indiana in INDIANAPOLIS.

OCTOBER 4-11: The LTC Tour will be between INDIANAPOLIS and KALAMAZOO, MI with a side trip by air to the TWIN CITIES, MINNESOTA on October 8. The 9th to 11th in KALAMAZOO lots of activities are planned, but some time here and there may be available.

OCTOBER 12-16: Events are planned in CLEVELAND, OH for 10/13 and 14 (Northeast Ohio Health Underwriters Association). October 16 we're in DETROIT.

OCTOBER 17-23: The LTC Tour goes from DETROIT, MI to MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA. Points in between and at the destination are prime candidates for events in this time frame.

OCTOBER 24-31: We're in DES MOINES, IOWA for a LTC Guild event on 10/24. Then, the whole week of 10/27 to 10/31 is set aside for events in KANSAS with Center Regional Representative Claude Thau in the KANSAS CITY area and with WICHITA Regional Rep David Landwehr and the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy in WICHITA and wherever else they may choose. OMAHA and LINCOLN, NEBRASKA would be within reach during this time period, so if you're in that area and interested, call the Center.

NOVEMBER 1-19: Lots of flexibility in this time frame. The first week of November is tentatively reserved for events in TEXAS. The LTC Tour has invitations for November 12 in PHOENIX, ARIZONA and for LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA on 11/14 and 11/19. Depending on who wants what during this almost 3-week period, by combining side trips by air and drive-byes with the Silver Bullet, we could get to the DENVER area as well. Scheduling is first come, first served, so nail down your events ASAP.

NOVEMBER 20 to Year's End: The LTC Tour has events scheduled 11/20 and 11/21 in WATSONVILLE, CALIFORNIA and SANTA CRUZ, CA, but after that the schedule is wide open except for a committed event in BOISE, IDAHO sometime around mid-December. The LTC Tour needs to end up by the end of the year back home at the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's headquarters in Seattle.

Well folks, that's it for now. Everything we know about where the LTC Tour will be from now until the end of the year. You couldn't pick a better time to study your calendar, compare it with the LTC Tour's itinerary, and start planning an event.

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