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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dallas, Texas (LTC Tour: Mile 7936)--

LTC Comment: Check out these interviews and videos from the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow the LTC Tour on "TV." Details after the ***news.***

*** TODAY'S LTC BULLET is sponsored by Claude Thau, a Master General Agent who helps LTCi producers nationwide. Claude is the lead author of Tillinghast Broker World Individual and Group LTCi Surveys. His mentoring skills help you build whichever market suits you best (individuals, executive carve-out, multi-life, affinity, financial institutions, referrals from other professionals, etc.). Claude has been actively involved in the State Partnership movement and has campaigned to allow independent review of LTCi claims. Test Claude by calling 800-999-3026, x2241 to discuss opportunities or ***

*** POP A CORK AND TOAST THE CENTER. Today is the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's tenth anniversary. David Rosenfeld and I founded the Center on April 1, 1998 (no April Fools joke) with the generous help of our then-employer General Electric. The rest, as they say, is history. When time permits, I will prepare a retrospective of the Center's first decade highlighting our challenges and victories along the way. For now, just know how much we appreciate your support and encouragement over the years. The battle for responsible LTC planning and rational LTC public policy is not won yet, but we're closer than we've ever been and, today, success is more than just a light at the end of the tunnel. Stick with the Center for Long-Term Care Reform as we begin the end game. ***

*** PRUDENTIAL APPRECIATION. Roy Gosselin, Prudential Financial's National Sales Director for Individual Long-Term Care, made this comment recently:

"Steve & Damon: Good to see you at the Jacksonville conference. Steve, you left out one thing in your analysis of the conference. I noticed this year that many more comments by audience members at the breakout sessions included specific references to 'the fine work Steve Moses and the Center for LTC Financing are doing.' I think a lot of those accolades are the result of your responses to the recent poorly-researched, attacks on LTCi by the WSJ and NY Times. Keep up the good work."

Thank you, Roy, and thanks to LTC Tour Gold Sponsor Prudential Financial. Check out Prudential's logo on the shining Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care: ***

*** LTC TOUR MEANS BUSINESS. LTC Tour Sponsors and Regional Representatives are dedicated to advancing the cause of responsible long-term care planning and rational LTC public policy. But they are also in business and supporting the LTC Tour is a great way to attract media coverage, meet with centers of influence, and close business deals with key clients. Here's how the President of an investment firm with over one billion dollars under management responded to our presentation:

Letter from Sharon Miller Pryse, President The Trust Company to Steve Moses and Bruce Landis of Providence Advisors Group in Knoxville, TN:

"Thank you very much for your presentation on Long Term Care a couple weeks ago. Steve, since your presentation, Bruce has been by and has had a number of educational meetings with our employees. We are all learning more about not only how we should be advising our clients, but what we should be doing for ourselves as well. You are making a difference in a lot of people's lives, not only by your words, but especially by your actions. Thank you once again. Yours very truly, Sharon Miller Pryse, President."

We've since learned that The Trust Company is placing LTCI business with the Center's LTC Tour Regional Representatives in Knoxville, TN. Congratulations to all involved! ***



LTC Comment: The Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care has become the LTC Tour's media magnet, just as we'd hoped. Regional Representatives of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform and other sponsors are doing an excellent job of scheduling meetings and events.

In cities all across the Southeast, we've met with legislators, public policy makers, LTCI producers, other financial advisers, reporters, interviewers, and the public. Media coverage exceeds my expectations.

Now the LTC Tour is in the Southwest, Texas this week and headed to Arkansas next, followed by a detour by air to Miami for a special event. We're going to the Central East for May/June, the Northeast for July/August, the Midwest for September/October and back West in November/December.

Check the LTC Tour calendar at; find an open date along our itinerary; contact Steve Moses at to schedule an event or meeting. Do it now, because once you have your date scheduled everyone else has to plan around your event.

You read about the LTC Tour often in these LTC Bullets and LTC E-Alerts. But we want you to see it too. Check out this television interview of Steve Moses and Charmaine Golsan (the Center's Baton Rouge, Louisiana Regional Representative) by host John Pastorek on his early morning TV show on March 25, 2008 (Channel 2, WBRZ, ABC affiliate.)

Louisiana Public Broadcasting taped my public presentation in Baton Rouge later the same day. If we find a link to the online version, we'll bring it to you.

For many more videos, we invite you to subscribe to the Center's LTC Consciousness Tour YouTube channel. Check it out at .

Here's a sampling of what you'll find on our YouTube channel:

Interviews with industry leaders at the LTCI Producers Summit in Atlanta Georgia:

Claude Thau:

Phil Sullivan:

Honey Leveen:

We'll be adding more interviews and other videos frequently. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel at so you'll be routinely advised every time another video is posted. We'll also report here when we add new videos and pictures from the LTC Tour.

Here's an interview from last week with Joan Connell, RN, PhD, CLTC, LTCP. Joan is the Center's Regional Representative in Pensacola, Florida:

Check out these oldies, but goodies:

Steve Moses explains the purpose of the 2008 National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour:

Home care agency owner explains how attending our first LTC Tour event in Ft. Myers, Florida convinced him to get LTC insurance instead of Medicaid for his mother:

Bob Pagel, the Center's Regional Rep in Naples, Florida explains why he supports the LTC Tour:

If you've been interviewed for the LTC Tour, but your video is not up yet, please bear with us. Technical difficulties caused a delay. Damon is posting the videos now as fast as he can get them up. We'll announce new postings as they occur.

We'll also post still photos. A primary purpose of the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour is to educate and influence state legislators and policy makers. Check here for pictures of the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care in front of the state capitol buildings in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas.

The LTC Tour is in Dallas today. The Silver Bullet and I will be in Houston with Texas Regional Representative Honey Leveen for the remainder of the week. Stay tuned for more LTC public policy coverage and frequent updates on the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour.

Support the LTC Tour. There is plenty of great "real estate" left on the Silver Bullet for Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors. If you don't see your favorite LTC company represented with its logo on the Silver Bullet, ask them to get on board now. Hundreds of thousands of people will see the Silver Bullet. Support the LTC Tour!