LTC Bullet: National Underwriter Highlights Center's WSJ Response

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


LTC Comment: As much as fighting for responsible LTC planning and rational LTC public policy, we must fight against poor journalism and irresponsible advocacy. Details after the ***news.***

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*** TOP LTCI PRODUCERS HONORED. The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance recognized the nation's top-100 long-term care insurance producers on February 25 at the 2008 National LTCi Producers Summit held at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta. Nearly 600 leading producers and marketers were in attendance at the Association's seventh national conference for members.

The 2008 Top-10 Long-Term Care Insurance Sales Achievement Award Winners

1. Rachel Faiga, Fairfield, CT
2. Stephen Elliott, San Diego, CA
3. Larry Novick, Mission Viejo, CA
4. Matthew Brotherton, Richmond, VA
5. Robin Russ, Mobile, AL
6. Michael Russell, Birmingham, AL
7. Charles Griggs, Montgomery, AL
8. Tim Brown, Sherwood, OR
9. Jay Marcus, Irvine, CA
10. Mary Ellen Dunn, Phoenix, AZ

The Nation's Top-3 MultiLife LTCi Top Producers

1. Rachel Faiga, Fairfield, CT
2. Robin Russ, Mobile, AL
3. Michael Russell, Birmingham, AL

The Nation's Top 3 Producers for Combo + LTC Benefits

1. Robert Polley, Tempe, AZ
2. Marjorie McRae, Decatur, GA
3. Karey Meek-Anderson, Johnston, IA

The Nation's Top 3 Producers for Life + LTC Benefits

1. Karey Meek-Anderson, Johnston, IA
2. Donald Cash, Freehold, NJ
3. Mickey Batsell, Leander, TX

LTC Comment: In case it isn't obvious, the Center for Long-Term Care Reform celebrates excellence in LTCI production because every person protected with LTC insurance is part of the solution to the LTC financing crisis and one less person who will drag down the Medicaid safety net. LTCI producers should be celebrated and thanked, not scorned and criticized as so many detractors, including clueless national media, do! ***

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LTC Comment: After the publication of "LTC Bullet: WSJ Attacks LTCI, We Respond" on Tuesday, February 26, 2008, we received a flood of phone and email messages thanking the Center. Read that piece at .

"In all my years defending Medicaid as an LTC safety net for the poor by encouraging responsible LTC planning by the middle class and affluent, I've never received such an outpouring of appreciation," said Center for LTC Reform president Steve Moses.

Now, the insurance industry publication National Underwriter has echoed the sentiment and elaborated on the need for and kind of industry response that is required.

Here are a few clips from an editorial by Linda Koco, Managing Editor, e-Publications

National Underwriter Life & Health in the March 2008 issue of NU's "LTC e-Wire."

The piece is titled "Editorial Comment: An Effective Industry Response." Read the whole thing online: I found it at

"Once again, the long term care insurance industry finds itself pilloried on page one of a national publication. This time, it was page one of the February 22, 2008 issue of the Wall Street Journal. Once again, the industry needs to decide if and/or how to respond. . . .

"Steve Moses, president of the Center for Long Term Care [Reform], Seattle, Wash., has already written to the writers, pointing out facts and issues they did not address and suggesting that 'we should talk.' Other LTC leaders have penned responses too. . . .

"Steve Moses, in his letter to the WSJ writers, does concede that LTC insurance is not perfect. The industry 'has its work cut out to improve claims processing and payment,' he allows. But he also tells why LTC is important, especially in view of coming Medicaid funding woes and other problems. That's the way to do it--balance the need for improvement with the statement of value and the in-your-bones conviction that the industry is moving in the right direction.

"In short, an effective industry response should include delivery of credible data about LTC insurance, pricing and claims; anecdotes about how LTC works the right way; and willingness to talk about the pros and cons. Over the long term, this should help build reality-based understanding. That, in turn, should help put the industry in a more positive light. At least, it would be a start."