LTC Bullet:  LTC Graduate Seminar for Everyone 

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 


LTC Comment:  The Center's highly acclaimed LTC Graduate Seminar--presented by Steve Moses--is now available to everyone online.  Details after the ***news.*** 

*** LTC TOUR NEWS.  Wonder where Steve Moses will be day-by-day on the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's 2008 National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour?  We've published a calendar and schedule for the first two months of the LTC Tour at  Check it out.  Look for an open day on the schedule near you.  

Join The LTC Tour as a "Regional Representative of the Center" and help us plan an event in your town.  Regional Reps pledge $500 payable two months before their event, receive the Regional Rep's tool kit, work with Steve Moses to plan local events, host the Silver Bullet of LTC for a day, and help to wake up the public and media to the LTC issue as they draw positive attention to their businesses.  

Larger national sponsorships of the LTC Tour are available.  Watch Thursday's LTC Bullet for details on "Platinum," "Gold," "Silver" and "Bronze" national LTC Tour sponsorships.  Get your company logo on the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care. *** 

*** STEVE MOSES, THE LTC TOUR AND THE SILVER BULLET OF LTC will attend two major LTC insurance conferences in February and March of 2008.  Meet us there! 

Conference number one is the 7th LTCi National Producers Summit February 24-26, 2008 at the Omni Hotel at CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.  Complete information including the program and how to register is available online at or by calling the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance at (818) 597-3227.  Meet Steve Moses and check out the "Silver Bullet of LTC" at this great program. *** 

Conference number two is the 2008 Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference.  It takes place on March 16-19, 2008 in Jacksonville, Florida.  Don't miss this outstanding convocation of industry leaders.  Steve Moses will be there with the "Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care" displayed prominently.  Register at  Early bird savings of $100 end December 21, 2007. *** 



LTC Comment:  Tired of taking LTC 101 over and over again just to satisfy continuing education requirements?  Want to know how and why America's LTC system came to be so messed up?  Ever wonder what happened to make welfare-financed nursing home care the predominant service-delivery model in the wealthiest country in the world . . . where no one wants to go to a nursing home?  Wonder what has to be done to unleash long-term care insurance and solve the financing crisis?  What can you do until the government gets its act together to protect more clients from LTC risk and cost? 

Steve Moses answers all those questions in the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's "LTC Graduate Seminar" course.  After years of making this unique training available only to live audiences in scores of cities around the country, the Center has offered the program online.  It is comprised of eight one-hour Webinars available to you anytime you choose to listen and view.  So, give yourself a present today that will pay dividends (in financial success and professional satisfaction) all through the coming year.  

The cost for the Center's "LTC Graduate Seminar" is $225, but that includes a full year's membership in the Center for Long-Term Care Reform (a $150 value all by itself).  You'll have free access to all the textbooks and training materials used in the course plus daily LTC E-Alerts or LTC Bullets from Steve on his 2008 LTC Tour plus password-protected access to The Zone.  

Best of all, take the LTC Graduate Seminar by Webinar and you'll have direct phone and email access to Steve Moses.  If you have a question or comment on any of the class sessions, contact Steve on the road wherever he is on the "National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour."  Ask your question, get your answer, and receive a personal update on the Tour's progress. 

Already a member of the Center?  No worries.  We'll extend your membership for a year at no extra charge when you enroll in the LTC Graduate Seminar. 

Interested?  Want to learn more?  Check out all the details at  You'll find a syllabus, a detailed outline, a long list of free texts, Steve's "curriculum vitae," and many pages of testimonials from earlier classroom presentations.  

Be sure to view our special free Webinar about the online "LTC Graduate Seminar" at  That'll give you a feel for what it's like taking this class in the Webinar format. 

To enroll in the LTC Graduate Seminar by Webinar, contact Damon at 206-283-7036 or  He can have you in the LTC Graduate Seminar's first class within the hour.  

Steve Moses presented the LTC Graduate Seminar by Webinar beginning October 11, 2007 once a week until the final class on December 13, 2007.  Here's a sampling of the feedback from the 25 LTC experts who took the class live: 

"I have a better understanding of why people are de-sensitized to the risk of needing care at some point in their lives.  No better person on the planet [than Steve Moses] who understands the predicament that American citizens are in." 

"You have so much to offer and you do a great job of getting the ideas across . . . Really enjoyed the 8 weeks.  I think you are amazing and very dedicated to helping fix the country's mess!" 

"What Helped Most?:  Understanding the history of Medicaid and Medicare benefits in relation to long-term care and how to deal with the issue with clients and brokers." 

"I got deeper insight into why the system is broken.  This greatly helps strengthen my passion & conviction.  . . .  There is definitely a direct link between how well agents understand the dire state our public care providing systems are in, and making LTC sales." 

When Steve starts the 2008 LTC Tour in Tampa, FL January 1, join him in spirit by taking the LTC Graduate Seminar by Webinar and staying in touch.  Follow his LTC Embed reports from the LTC policy front on the road.  Recharge your dedication and passion as you enhance your knowledge and expertise. 

Call or email Damon today at 206-283-7036 or to enroll in the LTC Graduate Seminar!