LTC Bullet:  The Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care 

Monday, October 1, 2007 


LTC Comment:  What does an Airstream travel trailer have to do with promoting responsible long-term care planning and public policy?  Find out after the ***news.*** 

*** SAVAGE TRUTH OF LTC:  Don't miss Terry Savage's audio on Jesse Slome's new website:  It's amazing how much the best-selling author and nationally syndicated Chicago Sun-Times financial columnist packed into a five minute interview.  Kudos to Jesse for this and the other audios, including mine!  Check 'em out free of charge. *** 

*** LTC Graduate Seminar.  The first LTC Graduate Seminar by Webinar starts October 11.  Learn about this eight-week, hour-per-week course at or watch Steve Moses's Webinar describing it:  just click on "View Webinar" at the top of  A few slots may still be open for this inaugural offering of the "grad seminar," first come, first served.  Register now and we'll offer the class again soon if enrollments close for the first "semester." *** 

*** FLORIDA BOUND.  If you'll be in, near or able to get to St. Petersburg, Florida on Friday, October 5 at 1 PM (Eastern), join us for the first southeast regional planning meeting for the "National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour."  LTCi producer and Center member, Barbara Haselden is hosting this brainstorming session at the world headquarters of her company, Hometown Insurors, in St. Petersburg.  If you can join us, RSVP to Barb at and me at  We'll reply with the address and directions. *** 



LTC Comment:  The Center for Long-Term Care Reform's "National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour" is taking shape.  Here's a progress report. 

We've identified our first "Regional Representatives" of the Center to work with me when I'm in their "regions." 

We've nailed down our first LTC Tour speaking opportunity:  for January in North Carolina before that state's long-term care provider association. 

Thursday I'm on my way to Tampa, Florida to place the order for an Airstream travel trailer (the "Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care).  It will do double duty as (1) a magnet for media attention on our "LTC Tour" and (2) my principal living quarters for a full year on the road.  Check out this little beauty at

Why Tampa?  Our LTC Tour begins in the southeast in January 2008.  We don't want to ship the Silver Bullet from the factory in Ohio to Seattle and then tow it to Florida.  We'll pick up the trailer and start the LTC Tour in Tampa, January 1, 2008. 

On October 11, 10 days from now, we'll offer the first ever "LTC Graduate Seminar" course delivered by Webinar.  Successful completion of that class is a pre-requisite to become a "Regional Representative" of the Center in the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour.  Enrollment is limited to 20.  One or two spots may still remain for this inaugural offering.  Otherwise, sign up now for the next opportunity later this Fall. 

We've started sending "LTC Tour Proposals" to LTCi carriers, brokers, producers and LTC providers. 

Following below is an example of the proposal.  Just fill in the blanks for your company or yourself and send it back to us.  You can participate at any one of six levels: 

INDIVIDUAL LEVELS (based on 10,000 estimated total miles):  

Penny a mile:  $100 (LTC Gadfly) 

Nickel a mile:  $500 (Regional Representative--see the pre-requisites in "LTC Bullet:  The National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour--How to Participate" at


Dime a mile:  $1,000 

Quarter a mile:  $2,500 

Four bits a mile:  $5,000 

Buck a mile:  $10,000 

What you get for each level of investment depends on what you want.  See "LTC Bullet:  The National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour:  Content, Schedule, Itinerary" at for some ideas. 

Bottom line:  we're out to achieve certain concrete goals in the 2008 LTC Tour. 

o  Cover another 1000 people with LTC protection
o  Park the "Silver Bullet of LTC" in front of 25 state houses to draw attention
o  Talk with 500 state legislators about improving LTC public policy
o  Meet with 200 LTC providers on tuning families of residents into LTC planning
o  Publish a dozen by-lined articles in local papers on LTC planning
o  Meet with 20 newspaper editorial boards
o  Be a guest on 25 radio or TV shows
o  Speak at 10 Estate Planning Council meetings
o  Work with five state think tanks on spreading the word about LTC policy and planning 

Hey, that's just for starters.  Is this something you and/or your company would like to be a part of?  Then copy the following proposal, fill in the blanks, and send it to us by email (, fax (206-283-6536) or snail mail (2212 Queen Anne Avenue North, #110, Seattle, Washington, 98109).  Corporate supporters will have signage recognition on the "Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care." 

Fair warning:  as soon as we're confident we've raised sufficient financial support for the "National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour," fund raising will end, we'll work closely with the people and companies who have invested in the initiative, and we'll focus on making the "LTC Tour" a big success. 

Rest assured, however, that whether you choose to participate in the Tour or not, all Center members will continue to receive our daily publications and the Center for Long-Term Care Reform will continue our national long-term care public policy research and advocacy unabated. 

Following is the LTC Tour proposal aimed at LTCi carriers, brokers and producers.  If you are in the LTC provider or reverse mortgage businesses, let us know and we'll send you a proposal appropriate for your unique needs and interests. 

To receive a formatted version of this proposal on Center for Long-Term Care Reform electronic letterhead stationery, email 


A Proposal for Profitable Participation by [Your Company] in
The National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour
The Center for Long-Term Care Reform
Stephen A. Moses, President
[Insert Date] 

The "LTC Tour":  Beginning January 2008, I will spend one year on the road working locally with long-term care specialists to promote them and LTC insurance.  We discuss and you decide who in your company you want me to work with, where and when. 

Purpose:  To (1) protect more people with LTCi coverage, (2) raise public awareness about the need for LTC planning, (3) attract media attention to the issue, (4) win over state and local centers of influence, and (5) ensure the DRA '05 is implemented, enforced, publicized and sold in every state. 

Strategy:  I will travel and live nearly full time in an Airstream trailer (the "Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care"), the magnet to attract media and public attention to our campaign. 

Activities:  Two kinds:  

Specific:  help LTCi producers sell more policies by conducting joint "group talks" for the public, establishing contacts with centers of influence to generate leads, and attracting media attention for the producer and product.  

General:   raise the LTC issue by working with the media, LTC providers, local businesses, financial advisers, think tanks, political officials, and senior advocates. 

Benefits to [Your Company]:  Increased LTCi sales far exceeding the investment; education and motivation of producers and brokers; establishment of top-level business, community and media contacts.  Publicized sponsorship of the tour if you choose, including signage. 

Schedule:  2008:  Southeast in Jan/Feb; Southwest in Mar/Apr; Central/East in May/Jun; Northeast in Jul/Aug; Midwest in Sep/Oct; West in Nov/Dec. 

Funding:  We request your pledge at the $.01 to $1 per mile level (based on 10,000 total estimated miles for the tour):  $100 to $10,000.  Payable within two months of initial field work.  We ask your pledge for the "LTC Tour" in addition to your annual Center for Long-Term Care Reform membership contribution. 

Publications:  The Center for Long-Term Care Reform's daily publications, public policy research and advocacy will continue uninterrupted. 

Details:  The four attached LTC Bullets explain the Center's "National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour" more fully.  For questions and comments, please contact me directly at 206-283-7036 or  [Read the four "LTC Tour" Bullets at] 

LTC Comment:  All right folks, that's the plan and the latest status.  Help us make it successful.  Then, watch for "The Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care" to show up in your hometown one day in 2008.