LTC Bullet:  The National LTC Consciousness Tour -- How to Participate 

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 


LTC Comment:  How can you participate in the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's 2008 National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour? 

The National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour is a nationwide effort to raise awareness of the public, the media and public policy makers about the importance of LTC planning.  And while we're at it, we intend to get many more individuals and families prepared to pay privately for high-quality long-term care at the most appropriate level if and when they need it. 

Our two most recent LTC Bullets described the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour in more detail.  Read them in the Center's "LTC Blog" at or in the LTC Bullet archives at and

We invite you to participate in the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour in one or both of two ways.  You can be a "LTC Gadfly" or a "Regional Representative" of the Center. 


Wikipedia defines "Gadfly" as "a term for people who upset the status quo by posing upsetting or novel questions, or attempt to stimulate innovation by proving an irritant." 

Don't you think it's about time somebody upset the long-term care status quo by asking some tough questions and speaking truth to power?  Join the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's "LTC Gadfly" brigade.  Here's what we have in mind. 

As an LTC Gadfly, you'll work in your area with Steve Moses, the Center for Long-Term Care Reform and our Regional Representatives to raise the LTC issue with politicians, policy makers, the public and the media. 

Together, we'll ask the tough POLICY questions.  Who should pay for long-term care?  How can Medicaid be a safety net for the poor AND the main LTC payor for nearly everyone?  Where will the money come from for public financing when boomers retire and draw down Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid? 

We'll ask the tough PERSONAL questions.  Who will pay for YOUR long-term care?  Are you insured for that risk?  Have your parents or grandparents used Medicaid for LTC?  Did you or they consult a Medicaid planner?  Did you pay Medicaid back out of the estate or take the windfall for yourself?  

Together, we'll publish op-ed articles.  We'll meet with newspaper editorial boards.  We'll do talk radio.  We'll engage politicians and public officials.  We'll enlist LTC providers.  We'll educate financial planners and accountants.  We'll address Estate Planning Councils.  We'll coordinate with provider and insurer trade associations.  We'll work with reverse mortgage lenders.  We will do whatever it takes. 

We'll rock the boat but we'll do it with HUMOR and GOOD WILL. 

Is this something you might like to do with us?  If so, let me know.  Just reply to this email or contact me directly at  We'll put you on a list of LTC Gadflies who will periodically receive special planning notices.  (If you responded when we first announced the LTC Gadfly Brigade last January, you're already on the list.) 

You'll be invited to participate in monthly "webinars" when we get to the stage of planning regional strategies, probably in November 2007. 

You'll be invited to take our "LTC Graduate Seminar" by webinar.  It will be an eight-week course, one hour per week, and a pre-requisite for all "Regional Representatives" (on which, more immediately below).  Check out the LTC Grad Seminar at  To view a 30-minute "webinar" about the LTC Graduate Seminar presented by Steve Moses, go to  (Please wait patiently for the 2 or 3 minutes it takes to download even on a high-speed connection.) 

If you're still interested when it comes time for the field work and you qualify as a LTC Gadfly, we'll work together on planning, scheduling, and financing. 

The only requirements to participate in the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour as a LTC Gadfly are individual or corporate membership in the Center and financial support of the Tour at any level of participation.  (Tour financial participation levels are explained below.) 


Regional representatives of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform will take a similar, but much more active role in the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour.  They will help organize local LTC Gadflies and activities, schedule and participate in meetings with centers of influence, interact with media, legislators and policy makers, work closely with Steve Moses during the two months of planning before and the two months of activity in their regions.  While there is an up-front investment, a time commitment and several substantive requirements to be a Regional Representative of the Center, our goal is that Regional Reps will net a positive cash flow based on connecting with valuable centers of influence and attracting new business. 

Requirements for participation as a Regional Representative of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform: 

  o  Five years or more financially successful experience in long-term care planning, insurance, or home equity conversion 

  o  Communication and writing skills 

  o  Completion of the Long-Term Care Graduate Seminar 

  o  Center for Long-Term Care Reform membership 

  o  Financial support of the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour at any level above the lowest 


Our best guess for now is that the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour will require 10,000 miles of ground travel.  To participate as a LTC Gadfly or Regional Representative, we're asking for a pledge at one of the following levels.  This list includes the pledge level, the cost, and what you can expect to get (at a minimum) in return.  If the Tour goes more than 10,000 miles, and it probably will, all pledgers will have the opportunity to renew or drop out.  All levels include participation in monthly planning Webinars beginning in November 2007. 

The following activities are only suggestions.  We'll work closely together to identify the most valuable activities for you and your area.  


PENNY A MILE:  $100:  one hour local consultation with Steve Moses, participation in planning Webinars, opportunities to interact with new centers of influence 

NICKEL A MILE:  $500, half day; consultation, group talk to public audience with Steve or special meetings with centers of influence, however you want to use the time; eligibility to serve as a Regional Representative of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform if you also meet the other requirements 

DIME A MILE:  $1,000, full day; above or an LTC Graduate Seminar with you organizing and sharing proceeds, if any, with the Center 


QUARTER A MILE:  $2,500, half week; above plus political or media meetings 

FOUR BITS A MILE:  $5,000, full week; above plus publishable op-ed or article 

BUCK A MILE:  $10,000, two weeks; above but more of it or for two or more different locations; you decide 

PAY IT FORWARD:  The Center is taking a financial risk to conduct the National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour.  Help us "pay it forward" by pledging your support and participation.  Pledge now at one of the levels described above.  Your pledges will not come due until we begin planning activities in your region, two months ahead.  As a reminder, here are the regions and dates for the 2008 National Long-Term Care Consciousness Tour. 

Southeast:  FL, GA, AL, MS, SC, NC, TN  (7 states:  January, February) 

Southwest:  TX, NM, AZ, CO, UT, OK, AR, LA (8 states:  March, April)

Central East:  VA, WV, MD, DE, PA, NJ, DC (7 states:  May, June) 

Northeast:  NY, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME  (7 states:  July, August) 

Midwest:  IL, IN, OH, IA, MI, KY, MO, MN, ND, SD, KS, NE, WI  (13 states:  September, October) 

West:  CA, NV, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY, AK, HI  (9 states:  November, December)