LTC Bullet:  Focus on AALTCI 

Thursday, March 22, 2007 


LTC Comment:  The American Association of Long-Term Care Insurance has been very busy and highly visible in the media.  We catch up with AALTCI's important contributions after the ***news.*** 

*** DALLAS LTCI CONFERENCE.  If you're attending the 7th Annual Intercompany LTCI Conference March 25 to 28, be sure to attend "Session 47 - LTC Dynamics Providers, Payers, Public Policy" on Tuesday at 2:30 PM.  You'll hear me and a panel of top-flight experts discuss why LTC is the way it is and what to do about it. 

If you haven't registered yet, but decide at the last minute to attend this terrific meeting, go to for all the details. 

Finally, if you just can't make it to Dallas for this year's conference, here's a huge bonus from its organizers and sponsors.  The power point presentations and other handouts for virtually all sessions, including mine, are now available online at, for downloading.  You don't even have to be registered!  How generous is that? *** 

*** WEBINAR AVAILABLE.  We received the following message from Canadian Center member and LTC author Patty Randall:   

"Good afternoon Steve, I decided to take a moment and view your 'webinar' session....ha, all this time I have been a member and never really utilized all the resources to their max!!  ...thanks so much for undertaking this novel approach, learning to move around the Center's website will now save me a significant degree of time.  As I have commented to you previously, but it is worth repeating, the work you are doing and the 'how' you are doing it certainly offers some of us in Canada a great example to follow.  Kindest Regards, Patty Randall, Vancouver Canada." 

Find out what Patty's referring to.  Check out our "Webinar" titled "Maximize the Value of"  Just scroll down at and click on the "View Webinar" button or go straight to  Enter your email address (which we'll keep confidential) and you're in for a very informative hour including an in-depth introduction to the Center's new "Almanac of Long-Term Care." *** 

*** SPEAKING OF CONFERENCES.  Don't miss the first annual conference of "Americans for Generational Equity" on May 1 and 2 in Washington, DC.   

Here's an overview:  "Our children and their children are major stakeholders in the web of social commitments that constitute today's 'generational contract.'  Yet their voices are largely silent in the legislative process.  Young adults seldom vote their special interests and half don't vote at all.  Meanwhile, a majority of workers who will be paying into Social Security and Medicare in 2030 are either too young to vote or haven't been born yet.  Arrayed against them in the political process are clamorous and demanding pressure groups - from mass-membership senior citizen lobbies to the health and social services industries that serve older populations - whose very purpose is to satisfy the immediate needs of powerful constituency groups.  Until now, favorable demographics have allowed us to sidestep the social implications of this political imbalance.  But soon, an explosion in old-age dependency will push the dilemma of our powerless young to the forefront of America's political agenda." 

This conference arrays an impressive battle line of pro-government and pro-market advocates to debate the issue of generational equity.  For the agenda:  To register: ***  



LTC Comment:  "The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance is the national professional organization exclusively dedicated to promoting the importance of planning for long-term care needs."  (

AALTCI, headed by industry impresario Jesse Slome, is the trade association for long-term care insurance agents.  Jesse and AALTCI have been showing up all over the media. 

Recently, they reported that LTC insurance benefits paid in 2006 totaled $3.3 billion and that payments broke out roughly one-third each for home care, assisted living and nursing home care.  

That finding popped up all over the national media.  And rightfully so.  It not only shows LTCi contributions to funding care are finally taking off, but even more importantly, it proves that long-term care insurance pays for the kind of care people prefer. 

Compare Medicaid.  It still pays two to one for nursing home care over home care and assisted living.  Compare Medicare.  It still requires a three-day hospitalization before paying for nursing home care, a requirement LTC insurance dropped a decade and a half ago.  

Want a ton more interesting data on long-term care insurance?  

The Center for LTC Reform recently announced our online "Almanac of Long-Term Care" for Center members who want a one-stop electronic resource for all things related to long-term care planning.  See above for an archived "Webinar" to tell you all about the Almanac and everything else at  

But for a printed resource, we recommend ordering the 2007 "LTCI Sourcebook" produced by the AALTCI.  This guide includes key data such as rankings of the top-50 insurers (based on covered lives and premiums), costs for home care, assisted living and nursing home care in major markets, data on buying patterns for LTCi policies comparing 2005, 2000, 1995 and 1990.  Plus the latest statistical data provided by the four Partnership states which look at not just who buys Partnership policies but the number of claimants and Medicaid dollars protected.    

Single copies of the "LTCI Sourcebook" cost $39 and are available by calling the Association's offices at (818) 597-3227.  Bulk copies are also available.  For $10 more, why not become a member of the Association and receive the Sourcebook as a member benefit.  Click here for details on joining AALTCI  

What else are Slome and the AALTCI up to? 

They've scheduled one-day training conferences focused on the "vast majority of insurance agents and brokers who sell life, health, Medicare Supplement, annuity and investment products [but] still do not offer long-term care insurance to their own clients."   

These sessions will take place in Northern California (South San Francisco) on April 10 and in Southern California (Anaheim) on April 12.  Early registration is $99 and includes lunch, 4 hours of continuing education and free parking.  Details are available online at or by calling the Association at (818) 597-3227. 

In the meantime, AALTCI has announced that "LTC Awareness Week" this year will take place November 4 to 10.  Its theme will be "educating the millions of baby boomers who are approaching retirement" about the importance of planning for long-term care. 

According to AALTCI's press release:  "Last year, the Association and its members were successful in arranging for the Governors of several states to declare it Long-Term Care Awareness Week in their states.  The organization also partnered with leading industry groups such as the Assisted Living Federation of America for the purpose of conducting local-level awareness programs.  'There have been significant positive industry developments over the past year,' Slome says.  'We have a great story to tell.'" 

Finally, Jesse Slome is both a personal friend and a strong supporter of the Center for LTC Reform.  I hope our members and anyone else who values the contribution the Center makes to responsible long-term care public policy will support Slome and the American Association of Long-Term Care Insurance.  We're fighting on two fronts of the same battle to ensure quality long-term care for all Americans.