LTC Bullet:  LTC Graduate Seminar Schedule

March 19, 2002


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The Center for Long-Term Care Financing's first two LTC Graduate Seminars--held in Chicago March 4 and 5--were a big success.  Some testimonials follow.  Requests for us to conduct the program in other cities have been pouring in from all over the country.  An approximate schedule of forthcoming LTC Graduate Seminars follows.  We've posted a description of the seminar and all the details about the program at the following address  We will publish exact dates and locations of the seminars in LTC Bullets as these details are determined. 

If you would like to attend one of the LTC Graduate Seminars already scheduled below, call or email Amy Marohn ASAP at 425-377-9500 or  Once you have expressed interest, Amy will keep you apprised of all developments by email.  If you would like us to schedule an LTC Graduate Seminar near you in the coming year, let Amy know that too.

We are especially excited about next month's LTC Graduate Seminar scheduled for April 22, 2002 near Baltimore Washington International Airport.  In addition to the usual course content, Center President and seminar leader Stephen Moses will provide a special update on the latest news regarding Medicaid estate planning.  Moses is registering to attend the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys' (NAELA's) 2002 Symposium to be held in Baltimore April 17-21.  NAELA plans a special "Medicaid Case Study Series" for this conference that includes sessions on "Medicaid Pre-Planning," "Medicaid Planning for the Single Person," and "Medicaid Recovery & Liens" (as in how to avoid them.)  We offer a standing invitation to NAELA attorneys to attend and participate in the LTC Graduate Seminar.  If anyone takes us up on this offer, the Baltimore LTC Graduate Seminar could be an extraordinary event indeed.

SCHEDULE:  The Center will conduct LTC Graduate Seminars near major airports around the U.S. in the coming year.  If you would like to attend or sponsor a program, please contact Amy Marohn at 425-377-9500 or  The following schedule is tentative, with precise dates and locations to be announced (TBA).  We will publish final dates and locations in the Center's free online newsletter "LTC Bullets."

April 22, 2002:      Baltimore/Washington, DC, location TBA, 9AM to 5PM

*  If demand warrants, we will offer a second DC-area LTC Graduate Seminar on April 23, 2002 at a location to be determined at the preference of registrants.

May 13, 2002:       Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, location TBA, 9AM to 5PM

May 14, 2002:       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, location TBA, 9AM to 5PM

June 2002:             New Orleans and Dallas, dates and locations TBA, 9AM to 5PM


"The format was very good and the information received contained materials, ideas and implemented thought on a wide variety of issues affecting long term care, seniors and their families (and the government both state and federal) that I NEVER would have received from another source (or even from many sources)."

"I have a pretty good understanding of product knowledge but your seminar gave me a much broader understanding of LTC.  . . .  You have also given me good ideas about how to train our reps in the future and change how we are presenting LTCI.  I would recommend your seminar to anyone who is passionate about marketing LTCI to their clients and wants to get a better understanding of the big picture." 

" I enjoyed the graduate seminar very much.  What it gave me was a sense of the real importance in the relationship between the care delivery system sector and the [insurance] sector.  I saw tremendous potential from a marketing standpoint and a strategic positioning initiative for my company."   

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the seminar Monday with Steve in Chicago.  His knowledge of this subject is unsurpassed . . ..  You've increased my ability to champion the LTCI cause and sell the product."

"I found it especially interesting and helpful to gain an historical perspective on what got us to where we are today." 

"My attendance at your seminar contributed immeasurably to my understanding of what LTCI has done in the past, now, and will do in the future."

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