LTC Bullet:  One-A-Day Mental Vitamins

Monday  February 11, 2002


***SPECIAL ALERT:  We'll be adding content to The Zone steadily in the future.  Watch for two new features coming soon:  "The LTC Reader" and "The Data Base."  We'll read the trade and academic literature on long-term care and give you brief summaries of the "must know" articles in The LTC Reader.  We'll track new studies and reports and give you key data and statistics you need to know in "The Data Base."  Just like our popular "LTC Week in Review," these new features will help you stay ahead of the pack in knowledge and competency.  Think of them as "One-A-Day" mental vitamins; five minutes a day to keep you on top of the news and the issues.  If you are interested in long-term care, you belong in The Zone.***

Content posted on the Center for Long-Term Care Financing's website "donor-only zone" on Monday, February 11, 2002, includes the following "LTC Week in Review" titles:

"Affluenza or Necrosis"

"Et Tu, Medicare"

"States and Medicaid Sink Deeper and Deeper"

"Getting in the Swim with Alzheimer's"

"Nursing Homes Self-Insure"

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