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LTC Bullet:

The Power of Leverage

Tuesday August 8, 2000


The Center for Long-Term Care Financing sends LTC Bullets to more than 3,000 of the leading players in the fields of long-term care service delivery and financing. Thousands more receive the "Bullets" from our subscribers who forward them to their own key contacts.

Our subscribers include local and national reporters who cover long-term care, the leading think tanks and their top analysts, key members of Congress and state legislators, governors and their staffs, CEOs of long-term care providers, the top-echelons and front line troops of LTC insurance companies, state and federal administrators, financial planners, and even a few hundred elder law attorneys.

The power of reaching these public policy makers and shakers is borne out almost every day. We receive numerous inquiries, media interviews and invitations to speak because of the "Bullets." Each of these contacts is an important opportunity to get the word out about the long-term care financing problem and how to solve it.

What follows is an example of how one subscriber --a long-term care insurance agent--leveraged our public policy impact by forwarding an LTC Bullet to an influential state legislator. She added a personal note by way of introduction, sent a copy of the Bullet, and invited the legislator to contact the Center for Long-Term Care Financing for information and assistance. We offer this example as a "best practice" in the hopes that more readers will help to extend our reach by sending LTC Bullets to people in the media, government and other points of leverage. (The note has been slightly edited.)

To: Representative . . .
Forward: LTC Bullet: Report on State Tax Treatment of LTC Insurance Premiums Available

Dear Representative . . .

It is good to see California w/ the Partnership and some tax benefits for Long Term Care insurance (LTCi). We spoke at a meeting at the golf course in Carmel, and I canvassed for you when you ran for the Assembly. I know as an agent that if we had a tax credit, a lot more of the taxpayers would get insured for the simple act of getting older and save the state millions of dollars of Medi-Cal expenditures. Also, they will be more able to "age in place" and not require more nursing homes to be built. Most folks would prefer home care if they can do it w/ help from their kids or spouse and not feel they are a burden to them. Given good supervision from an expert care coordinator and the appropriate equipment, all my current claimants for LTC benefits have been able to stay home and some have actually died there with dignity and assets and spousal caregivers intact. I am in the loop with the Center for LTC Financing, Steve Moses, That site is helpful in regards to ideas for transferring the risk of LTC from the public welfare section to different private pay options for the middle class, so that the welfare can always be available for the truly needy even when the 79,000,000 baby boomers turn 65. Thanks for always doing such a great job. Your calm sanity and gift for consensus building will be missed when you choose to retire.

My Best,
Signed--name and professional affiliation

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