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LTC Bullet:

Seniors Housing Report Updated

Monday March 1, 1999


The American Seniors Housing Association has revised and republished its policy paper entitled "Seniors Housing: Solving America's Long-Term Care Crisis." According to the executive summary, "this report explores how public policy has hindered the seniors housing industry from serving the enormous lower middle and middle-class market segment currently lost to Medicaid nursing homes." The ASHA report proposes a five-part solution based on preserving Medicaid, controlling asset divestiture, implementing strong estate recoveries, encouraging private long-term care insurance, and educating the public about long-term care. Interested parties should contact the American Seniors Housing Association at 202-974-2300 or visit their web site at

Perspicacious readers may discern some similarities between ASHA's proposals and the recommendations in the Center for Long-Term Care Financing's "Magic Bullet" studies. This is no mere coincidence and we thank ASHA Executive Director David Schless for acknowledging the Center's contribution to their monograph with the following quote from its introduction: "Many of the themes addressed in this monograph stem from research conducted for the American Seniors Housing Association by Stephen A. Moses, president of the Seattle, WA-based Center for Long-Term care Financing." For information on how to order any or all of the Center's "Magic Bullet" studies, click here or call a Morgen at 206-447-1340.