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LTC Bullet: LTC Reform Looms on the Horizon

Friday February 5, 1999


The February 1999 issue of LTC News & Comment features an interview with Robert Moffit, Director of Domestic Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation, entitled "Medicare Reform: What's On The Table?" The following excerpt reveals Moffit's thinking on progress toward imminent LTC reform:

"LTC NEWS: Long-term care, a major concern of seniors, is not on the [Medicare] reform agenda. Do you think it ever will become part of Medicare?

"MOFFIT: It's not on the reform agenda for two reasons. First, it is frightfully expensive. Medicare is already facing a serious fiscal crisis within the decade, and now is not the time to add a huge new entitlement. But, more importantly, members of Congress are not sure what it is, exactly, that they should propose. If there is serious disagreement over the delivery of acute care services in Medicare, reaching consensus on something like long-term care will tax the imagination of our most able politicians. However, once Congress finishes with Medicare reform, long-term care will rapidly emerge as the next major healthcare issue."

...And when it does, the Center for Long-Term Care Financing will be there to help lawmakers understand the complexities of LTC financing and the need for reform based on the Center's "LTC Choice" plan. Copies of "LTC Choice: A Simple, Cost-Free Solution to the Long-Term Care Financing Crisis" can be purchased for $24.95 (free to media) by calling 206-447-1340 or replying via e-mail with your order.

Source: "Medicare Reform: What's On The Table?," LTC News & Comment, Feb. 1999, Vol. 9, No. 6, pps. 1-2.

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