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LTC Bullet: Healthy Aging


Tuesday January 26, 1999


Age Wave author and entrepreneur Ken Dychtwald has done it again. His new anthology "Healthy Aging: Challenges and Solutions" contains 26 essays by 36 experts on aging including the editor himself. Some well-known contributors include Robert N. Butler, Uwe Reinhardt, Fernando Torres-Gill, and Robert Pritikin. Center President Stephen Moses wrote Chapter 19 entitled "Long-Term Care: A Simple, Cost-Free Solution to the Financing Puzzle." Here's how Aspen Publishers describes the book:

"A compelling look at what the future holds as baby boomers turn 50, and older adults become the world's fastest growing population group.

"Extraordinary breakthroughs in health care during this century have added 28 years to the average life expectancy. While our health care system has emphasized the prolongation of life, it has done little to promote healthy aging, so that the later years have become a time of illness and disability for many older adults.

"Unless we rethink our health care priorities, we may be heading toward an era of epidemic levels of chronic disease with a health care system that is not designed or prepared for such a challenge.

"In this insightful new book, the nation's leading researchers, analysts, educators, and experts on health and aging policies and programs present their frustrations, findings, and insights on what current research reveals about the future of healthy aging. And they offer sound recommendations on how to prevent a crisis in health care.

"Dr. Ken Dychtwald is one of the nation's foremost visionaries and leading authorities on aging in America. He is a psychologist and gerontologist, and has published eight books on health and aging issues including "Bodymind, Wellness and Health Promotion for the Elderly;" "The Role
of the Hospital in an Aging Society;" "Millennium: Glimpses Into the 21st Century;" "New Directions in Eldercare Services;" and the national bestseller," Age Wave."

"Dr. Dychtwald is founding President and CEO of Age Wave, LLC (, a forward looking enterprise involved in promoting healthy aging policies and programs. He
has received the distinguished American Society on Aging Award for outstanding national leadership in the field of aging."

To order "Healthy Aging," contact Linda McKenna at Aspen Publishers, Inc. by phone: 301-417-7591, by fax: 301-417-7650 or by email: The price is $49 and the stock number is 1363X.