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LTC Bullet:

New Group Seeks Consensus on LTC Reform

Monday April 5, 1999


The following is a press release from the newly formed "Citizens for Long-Term Care":

***Former Senator David Durenberger to Launch Coalition on Long-Term Care***

WASHINGTON, DC, April 1, 1999 Former Senator David Durenberger [R-MN] today launched Citizens for Long Term Care, a coalition designed to compel policy leaders to reform our nation's system of financing access to and delivery of long term care services for the nation's aging and disabilities communities.

The coalition brings together groups that have in the past, disagreed on key issues important to the long term care community. These 20+ organizations representing over 30 million individuals nationwide have put aside their differences in order to push for long term care financing reform. "The importance of what we're doing here is demonstrated by the member groups' willingness to set aside traditional disagreements while working through this effort," said coalition Chairman Durenberger. "To have these groups work together because they recognize the impact that long term care financing will have on our future economic security is an encouraging sign that we can achieve our goals."

Members of Citizens for Long Term Care include AARP, American Health Care Association, The Alzheimer's Association, The ARC, American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging and Service Employees International Union as well as individual insurance companies, aging organizations, and disability groups.

Senator Durenberger, working with a Steering Committee representing all facets of the long term care debate, has assembled a unique group that is open to all who recognize the severity of this issue. Coalescing around the need for long term care financing reform, the members have agreed that a unique opportunity is present in the upcoming Presidential election.

"Citizens for Long Term Care has decided to use the 2000 election as a springboard for long term care financing reform in recognition that this issue has been buried in Washington, governors' and state legislative policy debate circles for too long," added Durenberger. "A significant percentage of the population is currently dealing with long term care financing issues and an increasing number will be forced to deal with them in the next several years. We plan to organize these people in order to force candidates to address this issue before it reaches a crisis."
Citizens For Long Term Care is holding a press conference to announce its formation at the National Press Club (529 14th Street NW, Washington, D.C.) on Wednesday April 7,1999, 9:30-11:00am. Contact Patrick Brady for more information at (202) 347-2582.