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LTC Bullet:

Center President Shares Vision and Accomplishments

Monday May 3, 1999


Center for Long-Term Care Financing President Stephen Moses included the following "President's Message" in the Center's 1998-1999 Annual Report, distributed recently to the Center's financial supporters.

"A global aging crisis threatens to engulf America and the world. The past century's antiquated tools of social insurance and public welfare often reduce rather than improve our ability to confront this coming demographic emergency. Thankfully, the new millennium offers as many new tools and opportunities as it poses daunting challenges. Our common task is to set the magnificent potential of technology, competition, free markets and private insurance to the noble objective of assuring universal access to top-quality long-term care for all Americans.

"This goal is attainable. The United States is the wealthiest nation in the world. Boomers and seniors are the most prosperous Americans. We have more than enough wealth to ensure everyone excellent long-term care in the most appropriate setting. The long-term care problems we face such as inadequate access, quality and financing are largely self-inflicted. Well-intentioned public financing programs including Medicaid and Medicare have anesthetized the public to the true risk of long-term care and impeded the early planning, saving and insuring that must occur.

"That's where the Center for Long-Term Care Financing comes into the picture. We have identified and documented the perverse incentives in current public policy that encourage Medicaid dependency and obstruct growth of the private long-term care insurance market. We have designed and proposed a new public policy (LTC Choice) that will preserve crucial public programs for the genuinely needy and unleash the enormous potential of private long-term care insurance protection for everyone else. As everyone who sells anything knows, however, even the finest product remains unsold without great marketing.

"That's where the Center for Long-Term Care Financing excels. In one short year, the Center has established strong brand-name recognition for its reliable research, thoughtful analysis, piercing criticism and creative proposals. We've published widely and frequently; we've attracted millions of dollars worth of positive media coverage for private long-term care insurance; and we've positioned the Center for Long-Term Care Financing to become a major force in the public policy process...."

Highlights of the Center's inaugural year include:

o More than $3 million in earned media value (the projected amount of money the Center would have had to spend on print space and air time to purchase the publicity we generate).

o Interviews and/or coverage by the nation's most prestigious general audience media including: ABC News, Associated Press, Consumers Digest, Consumers' Research, Forbes, Investor's Business Daily, Jane Bryant Quinn's syndicated column, Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, National Public Radio, Newsweek, New York Times, Radio America, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, UPI radio, U.S. News and World Report, and others.

o Interviews and/or coverage by highly acclaimed trade publications including: Best's Review, Contemporary Long-Term Care, Life Association News, LTC News & Comment, McKnight's Long-Term Care News, National Underwriter, Older American's Report, Provider, and others.

o Over 20 bylined publications by Center principals, including Stephen Moses' recent cover story in Consumers' Research entitled, "How to Cope with Long-Term Care" (2/99) and the inclusion of "LTC Choice" (the Center's latest public policy report) as a chapter in Ken Dychtwald's new book, "Healthy Aging: Challenges and Solutions (1999).

o 85 editions of "LTC Bullets" -- the Center's online newsletter with over 2000 subscribers.

o More than 40 briefings on the benefits of private LTC insurance and on the Center's "LTC Choice" campaign for lawmakers, public policy experts, industry leaders, provider associations, senior advocacy groups, media, and others.