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LTC Bullet:

Study Shows Most Can Afford LTC Insurance

Wednesday September 1, 1999


The following press release announces the publication of "The Myth of Unaffordability," the Center for Long-Term Care Financing's new white paper. Hard copies of this press release reached 11,000 recipients by postal mail earlier this week. Inquiries and orders are already pouring in from the media, Congress, state legislators, senior advocates, provider associations, and the long-term care insurance industry. Mr. LTC (the top-notch LTC web site at calls the report a "must-read!" and provides a sizeable excerpt.

Center President Stephen Moses will conduct briefings on "The Myth of Unaffordability" and "LTC Choice" in Washington, DC from October 5 to October 15. Individuals, groups and organizations interested in scheduling a briefing should contact the Center toll free at 1-877-557-3627 or click here. We will make every effort to accommodate such requests.


***Study Shows Most Can Afford LTC Insurance***

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, September 1, 1999

Contacts: Stephen Moses, President (; David Rosenfeld, Vice Pres. (; Nadia Morgen, Research Coor. (


"Most Americans can afford private long-term care insurance and would buy it if well-intentioned government programs didn't anesthetize the public to this huge financial risk."

With that statement, Stephen A. Moses, President of The Center for Long-Term Care Financing in Seattle, WA released a white paper today entitled The Myth of Unaffordability: How Most Americans Should, Could and Would Buy Private Long-Term Care Insurance.

According to Moses, "this report explains why only 7% of seniors and virtually none of the critical baby-boomer generation have purchased private long-term care insurance. It shows that 70% to 80% of Americans could afford this coverage if they felt the need to buy it. The report explains how easy access to government-financed long-term care services has impeded the market for private insurance, assisted living and home care. Finally, 'The Myth of Unaffordability' offers a workable, cost-free, public policy solution--called LTC Choice--that would improve access to quality long-term care for rich and poor alike."

To purchase a copy of this comprehensive, 85-page report for $34.95, call toll free 1-877-557-3627 or e-mail your order to Media and legislators are invited to request one free copy. The Center for Long-Term Care Financing's first white paper--LTC Choice: A Simple, Cost-Free Solution to the Long-Term Care Financing Puzzle--is also available for $24.95.

*The Center for Long-Term Care Financing is dedicated to ensuring quality long-term care for all Americans. The Center promotes public policy that targets scarce government resources to the neediest, while encouraging people who are young, healthy, and affluent enough, to take responsibility for themselves. The Center for Long-Term Care Financing publishes LTC Bullets, a free on-line newsletter featuring news and views on long-term care financing.*