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LTC Bullet:

LTC Financing on NPR

Thursday September 9, 1999


National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" program will air a segment today (9/9/99) on long-term care financing issues. Following is NPR's promotional description of the segment.

"How to pay for long-term care? As the number of elderly Americans increase, more and more families are discovering that nursing homes aren't inexpensive. Some members of Congress want to make long-term care tax-deductible, but would that help? Find out Thursday on All Things Considered."

Go to the "All Things Considered" page on NPR's web site ( programs/atc/) to find out when the show airs on your local NPR station. Select your state under the "My Stations" heading for stations and program times. You can also listen to "All Things Considered" on NPR's web site, usually one day after it airs on the radio. Search for the Sept. 9, 1999 show in the "All Things Considered" archives.