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LTC Bullet: NPR Update

Thursday December 17, 1998


The National Public Radio story on long-term care financing aired yesterday (December 16, 1998) on "All Things Considered." Since advising you of this program, we have learned that it is part of a series on long-term care service delivery and financing that is running all week long. If you would like to hear any or all of these shows, check out NPR's web site at You can listen to the whole program or just the LTC piece for any day of the week thanks to RealAudio. If you do not have a RealAudio player, the NPR web page explains how to download one.

In the meantime, here's a summary of the program published by NPR: "NPR's Neva Grant looks at the financial aspects of nursing care. She examines how some families can be wiped out by the costs. Some families retain lawyers in order to find ways to have Medicaid pay, but those needing care in the future may really only have one good way out...and that's to get long term care insurance. She also talks about broader health care cost and policy issues...particularly about how government programs are being used as a 'safety net' for the middle class." This piece ran 9.5 minutes and quoted Center President Stephen Moses several times.