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LTC Bullet: Help Us Help You

Monday November 9, 1998


In our first six months of online publishing, the Center for Long-Term Care Financing has e-mailed more than 40 "LTC Bullets" to a rapidly increasing subscriber base, currently 1800 strong. (All of the back issues are on our web site at, in case you missed any.)

We've covered a wide range of news, issues and analysis tied together by a single theme. That theme is our organizational mission to promote universal access to top-quality long-term care for all Americans by encouraging the early purchase of private long-term care insurance and by discouraging Medicaid estate planning abuses.

Your response to "LTC Bullets" has been phenomenal. We have received countless messages expressing strong agreement and hearty encomiums from a wide diversity of subscribers, including legislators, government officials, reporters, academics, policy analysts, librarians, nursing home executives, long-term care insurance agents, consumers, and many, many others.

The ideas and objectives we all share are highly compelling. They will prevail if the right people are exposed to them. The challenge is to get our analysis and proposals in front of as many key decision-makers and opinion leaders as possible. We invite your assistance to identify more people to receive "LTC Bullets." Everyone is welcome as a subscriber at no charge. Here are a few ways you can help us help you get the word out.

**If you have an assistant or staff support, consider turning this project over to them as an on-going initiative.

**Forward "LTC Bullets" freely to potentially interested parties and encourage subscribers.

**Send us the e-mail addresses of key long-term care stakeholders such as:

*Local or national reporters, editors, columnists, academics, researchers and think-tank analysts who write or comment on long-term care issues.

*Political contacts such as Congressional staff, Governors' staff, key state legislators and their staff, insurance commissioner staff, industry lobbyists, and senior consumer advocates.

*Industry contacts such as long-term care insurance agents, brokers, and carrier representatives; long-term care providers including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health agencies and their trade associations.

*Government officials who work on long-term care issues including national and regional HCFA staff, state Medicaid agency personnel, and state and local human resources employees.

*Professionals who advise seniors on long-term care financing issues including attorneys, financial planners, Certified Public Accountants, and senior consumer advisers.

The more contacts like these we can reach with "LTC Bullets," the sooner we will achieve public policy that rewards responsible, early long-term care insurance planning and penalizes Medicaid estate planning abuses. Help us find these folks and we will do the rest. Please send your replies to Thanks for your continuing assistance and support.