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LTC Bullet: "LTC Choice" Briefings are Big Success

Tuesday August 11, 1998


Principals of the Center for Long-Term Care Financing spent the past two weeks introducing "LTC Choice," a major new public policy initiative, to key policy makers, politicians, and LTC industry personnel across the country.

The Center's first "white paper," entitled "LTC Choice: A Simple, Cost-Free Solution to the Long-Term Care Financing Puzzle," will be published and announced with a press release on September 1, 1998.

In 28 briefings spanning 10 days, Stephen Moses (President) and David Rosenfeld (V.P.), introduced the creative new long-term care financing approach to representatives of the Health Insurance Association of America, the American Council of Life Insurance, the Council on Affordable Health Insurance, many major LTC insurance carriers, the Long-Term Care Partnership Program, the American Health Care Association, the American Association of
Homes and Services for the Aging, the American Seniors Housing Association, the Concord Coalition, the Progressive Policy Institute, the American Legislative Exchange Council, the National Academy on an Aging Society, the United Seniors Association, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation of DHHS, the Department of Justice Fraud Division, the Mid-Western Council of State Governments, former Senator David Durenberger, Rep. Earl Pomeroy, Chairman John Kasich of the House Budget Committee (Staffer Jim Cantwell), Senator Ron Wyden (Stephanie Kennan), Rep. Robert Matsui (Debbie Banks), and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

The LTC Choice proposal is based on research conducted by the Center for Long-Term Care Financing which demonstrates that income and assets usually do not prevent or delay Medicaid nursing home eligibility, that widespread catastrophic nursing home "spend-down" is a myth, and that patients' assets contribute only a very small proportion of the cost of nursing home care in the United States.

According to Center President Stephen Moses, "You can't sell apples on one side of the street when they are giving them away on the other. The 'LTC Choice' program proposed by the Center for Long-Term Care Financing will unleash the long-term care insurance market and save Medicaid for the genuinely needy."

Moses and Rosenfeld report that the Center's LTC Choice proposal was very favorably received by the powers that be, that only minor modifications to the paper will be made before the September 1 publication date, and that copies of the study will be available to the public at that time.

Stephen Moses and David Rosenfeld will address the National Association of Health Underwriters' 3rd Annual Long-Term Care Producers' Conference in Chicago, IL. on Sept. 26, 1998. Their topic is the LTC Choice proposal. A limited number of free copies of "LTC Choice: A Simple, Cost-Free Solution to the Long-Term Care Financing Puzzle" will be provided to the audience. To register for the NAHU conference, call or e-mail Stephanie O. Darby at 202-778-8771 or