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Center for Long-Term Care Financing Established; "LTC Bullets" Opening Salvo

For Immediate Release
Friday May 15, 1998


Stephen Moses and David Rosenfeld have established the Center for Long-Term Care Financing. The Center's mission is to promote universal access to top-quality long-term care by encouraging private financing and discouraging welfare financing of long-term care for most Americans.

The Center will advocate public policy that targets scarce public resources to the neediest, while encouraging people who are young, healthy and affluent enough, to take responsibility for themselves. We believe that private insurance and investment can guarantee quality long-term care for prosperous seniors and help to save the Medicaid long-term care program for the truly needy. The Center will offer a range of fee-for-service products to public and private clients including consulting, publishing, training and public speaking.

Many of you were receiving "LTC Bullets," our periodic on-line news service covering the latest information and trends in long-term care financing, when we were part of LTC, Incorporated.
Now, the Center will be sending "LTC Bullets." We encourage you to reply with opinions and suggestions. Feel free to forward "LTC Bullets" (including this one) and invite anyone not receiving them to contact us! ________