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LTC Bullet: USA Today Takes Medicaid Planning to Task

Wednesday May 27, 1998


Today's USA Today (May 27, 1998) lead editorial "Loopholes Give Access to Medicaid Funds" explains how "decades of eligibility creep" have resulted in widespread exploitation of the Medicaid system by Medicaid planning professionals and their clients who ignore the risk of long-term care costs. The editorial details the "shenanigans" employed by these Medicaid planning professionals to qualify their "well-heeled" clients for welfare-financed nursing home care. USA Today argues that Medicaid planning only feeds the related problem of failing to plan ahead: "Why bother when you can wait until the last minute and let taxpayers pick up the tab?" The editors conclude that "[a] good first step toward ending the indifference would be to send a message loud and clear: If you're not poor, the government won't bail you out - or your heirs." Left unsaid in the editorial -- private long-term care insurance is the best solution for most middle-class Americans.

To see the complete editorial and the response offered by a leading Medicaid planning attorney, go to http://www.usatoday/news/comment or pick up a copy of today's USA Today