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LTC Bullet: Update on "Granny's Attorney Goes to Jail" Efforts

Thursday July 30, 1998


The August issue of LTC News & Comment contains David Rosenfeld's cover-story status report on the criminalization of Medicaid planning.

Rosenfeld recounts the intense lobbying efforts by Medicaid planners to get the law repealed
or declared unconstitutional and then concludes: "The irony of it all is that nothing has done more to raise awareness of this issue and build support against Medicaid planning than the public relations efforts of the Medicaid planners themselves…. Make no mistake [however]. We shouldn't expect Congress to lead us out of the wilderness of a failed LTC system. The American public must coalesce on this issue and inspire Congress to overcome the protests of those clinging to the status quo. We have no one to blame but ourselves if nothing gets done."