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LTC Bullet: Center to Launch LTC Choice Campaign

Monday June 29, 1998

Seattle --

The Center for Long-Term Care Financing in Seattle, Washington will launch an "LTC Choice" campaign in late August. Spearheading the campaign is the publication of a white paper entitled "LTC Choice: A Simple, Cost-Free Solution to the Long-Term Care Financing Puzzle." The dramatic new strategy described in this proposal will revolutionize how policy makers think about public and private long-term care financing. Stephen Moses, President of the Center for Long-Term Care Financing, will provide a sneak preview of the "LTC Choice" campaign, including advance copies of the white paper, at a series of briefings in Washington, DC from July 30 to August 6, 1998. If you would like to schedule one of these briefings for your organization, contact David Rosenfeld at the phone number or e-mail address listed below to make arrangements.