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LTC Bullet: Concord Coalition Takes Position on LTC

Wednesday July 1, 1998


The Concord Coalition, co-host of the national forums on Social Security, stated in its recent Fax Alert that Social Security's projected insolvency is part of a much bigger problem: the unaffordability of current retirement expectations including those regarding long-term care.

"Social Security's insolvency is due to arrive in the midst of a demographic revolution that threatens to overwhelm the federal budget and to transform the very shape of our national economy, our society and even our culture. Insisting that Social Security is its own self-contained deal is like telling a homeowner that no single rock matters in the landslide that buries his house."

Where does long-term care fit into this picture? The Concord Coalition believes that Americans must "prepare to assume more personal responsibility for the long-term care of elderly family members--and recognize that government cannot always pay the bills."

Source: The Concord Coalition, "America's Coming Retirement Crisis," Facing Facts, Vol. IV, No. 7, June 29, 1998.