What is a Regional Representative of the

Center for Long-Term Care Reform?

Prerequisites, Responsibilities, and Benefits

Regional Representatives are Premium or Corporate Members of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform who satisfy the following pre-requisites, assume the following responsibilities, and receive the following benefits.


  • Premium ($500) or corporate membership ($1000 to $25,000) in the Center for Long-Term Care Reform.
  • Five years or more financially successful experience in long-term care planning, insurance, or home equity conversion 
  • Demonstrated communication and writing skills 
  • Completion of the Long-Term Care Graduate Seminar: available now online by recorded Webinar. Contact Damon at 206-283-7036 or damon@centerltc.com to enroll. Details at http://www.centerltc.com/LTC_Grad_Seminar/online.htm

Regional Representative Responsibilities (no more than a few hours per month):

  • Promote the Center for Long-Term Care Reform's goals and initiatives locally
  • Reach out to local media with queries and draft articles to be provided
  • Encourage local and national companies and organizations to join and/or support the Center for Long-Term Care Reform
  • Participate in the Center's "Spearhead Advisory Committee" including . . .
  • Participate in periodic (probably monthly) conference calls or webinars to advise Center management
  • Help get Steve Moses invited to your area and work with him to maximize media and speaking opportunities whenever he visits your locality
  • Reach out to local groups like Estate Planning Councils, Financial Planning Associations, NAIFA and NAHU affiliates, Rotary, etc.

Regional Representative Benefits

  • Add "Regional Representative of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform" to your stationery, business card and promotional materials
  • Close working relationship with Steve Moses and the Center for Long-Term Care Reform
  • Positive exposure to local media including TV, Radio, Newspapers, and Magazines
  • Positive exposure to key community and professional groups

For More Information: Contact the Center for Long-Term Care Reform at info@centerltc.com or 206-283-7036.

2212 Queen Anne Avenue North, #110, Seattle, Washington 98109 ~ Phone (206) 283-7036 ~ Fax (206) 283-6536

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