Planning Your "Save LTC" Events

Step 1: If you haven't done it already, please send your check for $500 to the Center for Long-Term Care Reform, Inc., 2212 Queen Anne Avenue North, #110, Seattle, Washington, 98109. The Center's tax I.D. number is 202653166.

This is your earnest money investment in the "Save LTC Campaign." It insures that (1) I'll work with you to seek speaking engagements in your area, (2) I'll help you attract media and schedule events, and (3) we'll do at least one event on which we have agreed and planned if and when I'm scheduled to be in your area.

Step 2: Decide what kind of event(s) you'd like to do with me during the Save LTC Campaign. I'll call you to make our plans, but feel free to call me whenever you're ready or wish to consult. There are many things we can do. Following are some ideas to consider, but don't feel restricted to them. Let's brainstorm what works best for you and fits into your marketing plan.

(1) Group Talk: get an audience together of consumers, business people, or any group you want to reach. Draw from my professional bio (part of your Save LTC Tool Chest) to promote the event. I'll explain the challenge of LTC and establish the need; you speak too and collect the referrals.

(2) Speech to local organizations: See the list of "Organizations to Contact," but don't feel limited to it. Seek invitations to address local groups such as estate planning councils, CPA societies, Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, etc. See the handout for the organizations' websites and how to locate local affiliates.

(3) Media Contacts: want to do some talk radio or get an op-ed published? Check out Find your local newspapers, TV and radio stations. Go to their websites. Call the appropriate editors or program managers. Explain that a national expert on long-term care financing is coming to town. Ask if you can send them information about the Save LTC Campaign, the Center for Long-Term Care Reform and Steve Moses. Get me contact information and I'll help close.

(4) LTC Graduate Seminar: if you have access to a classroom, plan an LTC Graduate Seminar, invite senior advisors of all kinds, spend a full day with me learning about advanced principles and history of LTC. We can apply for continuing education credits. The goal for LTCi producers is two extra policies per week.

Step 3: Start planning. Use the contents of the "Save LTC Campaign Tool Chest" to identify contacts and persuade them to get involved. Call (206-283-7036) or email me ( anytime to discuss plans and progress. If you need draft language for an invitation or flyer, let me know. We'll turn it around ASAP.

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