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Dear [Editor, Program Manager, Executive Director, etc.]

No challenge facing America is more troublesome than how we'll pay for long-term care for an aging Baby-Boom generation.

With our country's entitlement programs (Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid) already under severe financial stress, the future looks bleak indeed.

Ironically, most long-term care in the United States today is funded by Medicaid, a means-tested public assistance program . . . welfare.

I am writing to invite you to participate in the Save LTC Campaign for which I am the local coordinator.

On [date], Stephen Moses, a national expert on long-term care, will be in [name of town]. Mr. Moses's professional biography is [attached, enclosed]. So is additional information on him, the Center for Long-Term Care Reform which he heads, and the Center's "Save LTC Campaign."

Steve will be coming through town in the "Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care," a shiny Airstream trailer we hope will attract public and media attention to our campaign to raise public awareness about this critical issue.

Long-term care is a fascinating problem and the solutions Mr. Moses recommends are compelling. Check out his bona fides at www.centerltc.com.

I'll contact you soon to discuss how we can take advantage of this national expert's visit to our community.


[Your name and affiliation]

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