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Finally, here's another way to participate in the LTC Tour.  This opportunity is available only to individual members of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform. 

Steve Moses will work with Regional Representatives of the Center to plan an event, bring the Silver Bullet of Long-Term Care to your town, and do at least one presentation with you while also seeking local media coverage. 

If you opt to become a "Regional Representative of the Center," Steve will email you the "Regional Rep's" tool kit with lots of ideas on events to plan and how to attract media coverage.  

Reminder:  qualification as a "Regional Representative of the Center for Long-Term Care Reform" has the following prerequisites: 

  o  Individual membership in the Center for Long-Term Care Reform.  Corporate members should participate at one of the sponsorship levels described above. 

  o  Five years or more financially successful experience in long-term care planning, insurance, or home equity conversion 

  o  Communication and writing skills 

  o  Completion of the Long-Term Care Graduate Seminar:  available now online by recorded Webinar.  Contact Damon at 206-283-7036 or to enroll.  Tuition is $225 but includes a one-year individual membership in the Center.  Details at

  o  $500 "earnest money" pledge due two months before the LTC Tour comes to your Region 

Caveat:  Regional Representative opportunities may be limited in number because we have to ensure that all major national sponsors receive all the event opportunities offered to them.  We will try hard, within geographical and chronological constraints, to accommodate everyone who wants to be part of the LTC Tour. 


So, as promised, there is a sponsorship or participation level for everyone.  Now we invite everyone, each and every one of you, to board the Silver Bullet and join us on the LTC Tour.  See you on the road.

Information:  Contact the Center for Long-Term Care Reform at or 206-283-7036 to secure your preferred spot!