LTC Bullet: Move the Media

Friday, August 4, 2017


LTC Comment: Let’s talk about getting “How to Fix Long-Term Care Financing” in front of the media and thought leaders, after the ***news.***

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8/2017, “Medicaid Managed Care Comes to Assisted Living: Challenges abound as providers adapt to growth of health plans in the Medicaid program,” by Patrick Connole, Provider

Quote: “States contracting with health plans to operate as Medicaid managed care organizations (MCOs) is a growing phenomenon. So is the correspondingly sharp rise in MCOs administering services for elders and people with disabilities, under the formal name of managed long-term services and supports (MLTSS). As a result, populations in skilled nursing care centers, and increasingly Medicaid beneficiaries in assisted living communities, are coming under the umbrella of a new world order for reimbursement, where health plans are the payer and the state acts as overseer. It is in the assisted living space that this article will examine how managed care is having an impact on provider contracting, reimbursement, and care coordination.”

LTC Comment: It’s hard to see how putting another government-induced layer between patient and provider will improve long-term care, much less reduce costs. ***



LTC Comment: “How to Fix Long-Term Care Financing” is our new flagship, leading the advance for long-term care financing reform.

If you haven’t read the Center for Long-Term Care Reform’s new report, published last week jointly with the Foundation for Government Accountability, please do so now.

The health reform fiasco playing out in Washington, DC has left policy analysts and free market advocates depressed and demoralized. While the health policy forces regroup, LTC policy should advance.

Toward that end, your Center for Long-Term Care Reform hereby deputizes all members and friends in the cause. Help us get “How to Fix Long-Term Care Financing” into the hands (and minds) of people who can (1) spread the word (reporters and policy analysts), (2) implement better policies (government officials and trade association representatives), and (3) change the laws (state and federal legislators and their staffs.)

How do you do that? Well, it’s mainly about taking opportunities as they arise. For example, if you read an article with which you either agree or disagree (nearly everything you read, right?), reply to the author. Find something nice to say about his or her writing, take courteous issue with anything on which you differ, and send along “How to Fix Long-Term Care Financing” as another way of looking at the subject.

That’s exactly what Lori Fjelstad of Center-corporate-member GoldenCare USA did to get the favorable attention of an influential reporter. Lori wrote:

Your article was well written and informative, but I had to cringe at the last recommendation that said before you buy LTC insurance you should consult with an eldercare attorney, which may lead to Medicaid planning which is neither good for the client nor taxpayers. I encourage you to read a recent report written by Steve Moses “How to Fix Long-Term Care Financing.

Judith Graham of Kaiser Health News, whose piece was published in the New York Times, replied “I'll read it with great interest, Lori, and get back to you. Judy.” That’s how to get the word out and forge good media relationships.

But don’t expect every outreach attempt to be successful. As in sales, it’s not how many times you fail that counts, but how many times you succeed and how many times you succeed is directly proportional to how many times you try and fail. Throw enough spaghetti at the wall and some of it is going to stick.

If you attend a professional conference, or serve on a trade association committee, or meet with a political representative, mention the report, get a business card, and send a link to the report when you get back to the office.

At the Center, we’re systematically sending the report to everyone we think should read and heed it. With your help, we’ll reach a much wider audience. Thanks as always for your support and proactivity.