LTC Bullet:  New CLTCR Website Feature

Friday, August 12, 2016


LTC Comment:  Today we are pleased to debut an exciting new feature from our Members-Only Zone website:  The Long-Term Care Clippings Archive.  Think of it as a highly-curated compendium of LTC news.  More on that after this week’s ***news.***

*** NEW 2016 MEDICAID SPOUSAL IMPOVERISHMENT NUMBERS.  We’ve just updated MEDICAID AND MEDICARE KEY NUMBERS UPDATED ANNUALLY in The Zone, the Center’s members-only website.  If you need your user name and password to access The Zone or if you’d like to join the Center to gain sustained access, contact Damon at 206-283-7036 or  (HINT:  Read on to find out how to “Zone in” for free.)

*** Ever wonder how Medicaid made long-term care free and bungled rational LTC financing and public policy in the process?  Read The Bibliography and last week’s LTC Bullet Half a Century of Bad Medicaid LTC Policy” to get enlightened. ***

LTC Bullet:  New
CLTCR Website Feature

Many of our Center for Long-Term Care Reform Premium members are familiar with our LTC Clipping Service, and from what we hear, get great value from this benefit of Premium membership.

For those who don’t already know, our Clipping Service is an excellent way to stay on top of current and critical long-term care news without having to spend hours a day researching on the internet. We send our Clipping Service subscribers an average of 2 emails per workday with a must-read-article link, a pull quote and some brief analysis. We’re sensitive to the fact that we all receive too many emails, so we’re very careful to send along only the most important LTC news items. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you play a valuable role in protecting people from the risk and cost of long-term care and to that end we think the Clipping Service allows our subscribers to be more effective doing so.  Based on their feedback, we think our subscribers feel the same.

What we introduce today is a running collection of the LTC Clippings called the Long-Term Care Clippings Archive. This archive is organized by LTC-related subject and sub-category.  While CLTCR Premium members will continue to receive their LTC Clippings in real time, Individual members will now have access to the Clippings Archive (updated monthly) through our Members-Only Zone website.  Furthermore, this feature is still in beta, and for a limited time (two weeks), we’re making access free to all.  Keep reading to learn how you can access the Archive, but in the meantime, here’s a breakdown of the subject categories: 

  • INSURANCE (Long-Term Care Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Hybrid and Miscellaneous [including alternative financing solutions])
  • LONG-TERM CARE (General, Cost, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Home Care, Caregiving, Veterans Affairs and Government Solutions)
  • MEDICAID (General and Medicaid Planning and Crowd-Out Effect)
  • MEDICARE (and Medi-Gap and Medicare Advantage)

See why we’re excited about this new utility and take advantage of the free trial period by going to and log in with UN:  IntrotoZone / PW:  FreeTrial.  If you find the Clippings Archive useful, join the Center for Long-Term Care Reform here or contact Damon at 206-283-7036 or