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Friday, August 8, 2014


LTC Comment:  Need a speaker on long-term care financing or provider issues?  Read on after the ***news.***

*** A LITTLE BIRDIE TOLD ME we’ll soon have dramatic new data on state Medicaid programs’ success (or failure) recovering previously paid benefits from the estates of deceased LTC recipients.  The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 (OBRA ’93) made estate recovery mandatory.  The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA ’05) increased the potential for estate recoveries by reducing wealthy Medicaid applicants’ ability to transfer or hide assets.  But we’ve had zero information since 2005 on which states are following the law and recovering from estates, which states are not, and which states are more effective than others.  As we’ve reported here, here and here, Medicaid estate recoveries are a major potential non-tax revenue source and robust estate recovery strongly discourages the abuse of Medicaid by affluent seniors and their heirs.  Stay tuned for details when the new information becomes public. ***



LTC Comment:  Why is long-term care broken?

  • Surveys show people worry about LTC risk and cost, but don’t plan
  • People prefer care at home, but nursing home bias still prevails for most
  • Only 13% of the elderly are poor, but welfare pays for most LTC
  • Medicaid LTC is expensive and deficient, but crowds out private insurance
  • The CLASS Act bombed
  • LTC commission reports from Pepper (1990) to Congressional (2013) gather dust
  • Giant federal debt/deficits and Social Security/Medicare unfunded liabilities portend financial catastrophe
  • America hurtles toward a demographic and fiscal brick wall as boomers age

What went wrong?  How did we get into this mess?  What’s most likely to happen in the near-term and long-term future?  Which policies could officials implement that would help or solve the problems?  What can you do?

Stephen Moses is one of the nation’s most stimulating speakers on long-term care issues.  Nursing Homes magazine reported “there is probably no more articulate spokesperson for privately financed long-term care than Stephen Moses.”  Senior Market Advisor magazine put him in its top-ten LTC insurance "Power List."  McKnight’s Long-Term Care NEWS said Moses is “one of the 100 most influential people in long-term care.” Long-Term Living named him one of five "people making a difference in LTC."

In frequent articles, state and national reports, Congressional and state legislative testimony, media appearances and conference presentations, Moses has accurately diagnosed our country’s long-term care problems and prescribed workable solutions.  His recommendations to tighten Medicaid LTC eligibility, improve estate recovery and encourage private LTC financing became federal law in OBRA ’93 and DRA ’05.  He will bring his unique insight, analysis and wit to your conference, meeting, forum, seminar or event.

Ask Steve Moses to speak on . . .

  • The History of Long-Term Care or How We Got into This Mess
  • What’s Wrong With Long-Term Care Insurance and How to Fix It
  • Private Long-Term Care Financing Alternatives:  Real Asset Spend Down, Medicaid Estate Recoveries, Home Equity Conversion and Private LTC Insurance
  • How the Well-To-Do Qualify for Medicaid and Co-Opt the Best LTC
  • The Elephant, The Blind Men and Long-Term Care:  How Silos Hurt LTC
  • Dual Eligibles and Long-Term Care:  How to Save Medicaid $30 Billion Per Year
  • Can Long-Term Care As We’ve Known It Survive?:  The Index of Long-Term Care Vulnerability, A Workshop
  • More topics here.  Steve custom-tailors every speech to your needs.

Steve Moses is available to speak wherever you need him.  Read more about his background and expertise here.  Please direct inquiries to or 206-283-7036.